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CrypticCryptic 8 years ago
Haven't seen you in an age! Hope that changes very soon. XXOO
FoustieFoustie 8 years ago
Hello Mia. So nice to see you. You certainly seem to be rocking it here! Well done you! Tsk tsk, how could you miss the leather synch? You had better make up for it!
jtdjtd 9 years ago
Hi, Mia! Just saw your note & thanks for visiting my site! I really appreciate it. Although now that I've seen "candy floss" listed under your dislikes, I'm beginning to question your taste. I believe that the pre-dawn candyfloss harvests in Grasse in the 18th century were the beginnings of the new era of perfumery. I'm not sure I appreciate your irreverence. ;-)
CrypticCryptic 9 years ago
It must be because we are on the same wavelength, chica. I'm glad we were able to reconnect after the Fragrantica exodus. :)
CoutureguruCoutureguru 9 years ago
Thanks sweetie :) ... nice to be home for a bit!!
DenoulaDenoula 9 years ago
Ah, here you are! I wondered where you had got to! And use up that sample now, don't delay... xx
CoutureguruCoutureguru 9 years ago
So nice to see you around again :) ... we've missed you!!
CoutureguruCoutureguru 9 years ago
Super swap lovely ... thanks to you too!
CrypticCryptic 9 years ago
Hey, girlfriend! Glad you made it here.
FlaconneurFlaconneur 9 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, MiaVonTrost. Glad to have you with us.
DolbyDolby 9 years ago
Gotcha! What illicit affair are you two conducting behind my back? Hmmm? Hmm? Xx
CoutureguruCoutureguru 9 years ago
LOL :) ... but it's so nice!!
CoutureguruCoutureguru 9 years ago
Moonlighting eh? So nice to see you here :)
ApiciusApicius 9 years ago
Hello MiaVonTrost, welcome to Parfumo! I wih you a lot of fun here!
121 - 134 by 134