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MicallefLuv1 8 years ago 3

Cereal anyone?
Its hard to believe that this has only three notes... I don't know if you all have eaten a bowl of Fruit Loops or Trix and when you get to the bottom of your bowl and the milk is mingled with the left over sugary ness of the cereal? That's what this smells like to me. It's very comforting and delicious and every now and again I get a nice gentle waft of flowers. I haven't found a Mugler fragrance that I like until now.

MicallefLuv1 8 years ago 5

Well goodness gracious I have been looking for the right amount of sweet with the right amount of patchouli in a fragrance for sometime now. This is perfect for me-I couldn't be more happy with it. I walked into my youngest daughter room (she is 22) with her dead head friends and they were like "WOW whatever you are wearing is so bitchin" youngsters I was waiting for "groovy" lol oh well if some twenty something's like and this fifty something likes it, it can't be half bad!!
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MicallefLuv1 8 years ago 3

A rose isn't just a rose
I asked a member for a sample of this perfume and she graciously sent me some. It was love at first sniff!!! I am enthralled by the beautiful damask rose its very dewy and wet. Then when this gem starts to warm up on my skin the magic begins when the amber and vanilla start to mingle doing a little dance as I say... Then this gorgeous musk appears out of nowhere and I am hooked! I thought I was going to lose my mind if I could'nt find this frangrance... I have searched and searched and with the help of some wonderful friends and networking, I soon will have this incredible bottle of magic for my very own!!! It's so worth having!

MicallefLuv1 8 years ago 3

Just Peachy Keen
I bought this wonderful scent the other day and was decanting some to a good friend. The sweet smell of peaches and vanilla we're imbedded in my finger tips and I couldn't stop wafting this rich, creamy and most decadent perfume. The vanilla is so scrumptious intermingled with the peach and then when it starts to dry down there is subtle rose that emerges. I didn't know I liked peach so much but Hubba Hubba this is delightful and I am sure it will get people's atte

MicallefLuv1 8 years ago 2

StarGazer Fun
This to me is everything I have been looking for as far as a stargazer fragrance. And thanks to my good friend I have been able to experience it.
Every time I go to the market I walk past the florist stand and go directly to the stargazers. I lean in deep and breath that beautiful pungent floral. I always leave with the yellow pollen all over my nose and forehead. And my husband laughs every time! I don't care if I look like an ass, my face smells fantastic! This reminds me of that along with a bit of citrus blossoms mixed in it. Even though they are not part of the makeup that's what I get from it. I also like how the musk is very subtle but yet present. January is the time that stargazers are ready by bulbs for purchase now I don't have to wait I can just spritz myself. I wish I had a home fragrance of this stuff.

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