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Minoas 11 months ago 1

This a hauntingly beautiful perfume with amazing longevity and strong to moderate sillage. It starts very powerfully but it mellows down to a balsamic, creamy accord that lasts for hours. I don't detect a lot of development as the hours go by just a softening around the edges. I like it a lot.

Minoas 11 months ago

a punch in the stomach
... that's how I felt spaying this on my wrist. The camphoric beast hit my nose in the opening ... so powdery (dusty) and sweet it made my nostrils burn and my stomach churn. Also this TF has huge projection and silage and one small spray won't give you a break for quite some time. In other words, although I rarely really dislike a perfume, I am sorry to write that Vert d' Encens is a scrubber for me. It does settle to a sweet dusty liturgical green (still camphor to my nose) but it is so overly perfumy that it screams. Thanks, but no thanks.

Minoas 12 months ago 1

Uplifting, potent, but certainly not groundbreaking - crowd pleaser
I love it! It is sparkly, fresh, very tenacious, with good silage.
I don't think that it is a treasure, especially for the price and the prestige of LV, simply because it reminds me a lot of Cartier's Declaration Cologne, that I cannot find anymore. When I write reminds me I mean that Cactus Garden feels to me like that Cartier's offering on STEROIDS. I liked Declaration Cologne and I do like Cactus Garden. There is a sense of quality but what I find more is a sense of richesse that is synonymous with LV, more than things such as innovation, niche, etc. This is why I am sure CG will do very well in the global market. A crowd pleaser indeed. I will certainly cherish my decant ... one spray at a time!

Minoas 1 year ago

beautiful hesperides
I have tested this a couple of times. This is great for lovers of fresh citric perfumes, others will not be moved. I love the composition and wished it had more projection and silage since it is an edp and for that price. I didn't impress me to actually purchase a bottle. There you go, I said it! ;-)

Minoas 1 year ago 2

an enigma
I purchased a decant of this in parfumo and I am quite puzzled because although I don't doubt the authenticity of the decant, the accord I get out of Ganymede is quite different from the raving reviews found in here. For instance, my brain recognizes a milky-inky accord with citrus accents, if it makes any sense, that lasts and lasts. At some point after 2-3 hours I also get a creamy latte tones. Either my brain plays wild games with this or my olfactory experience is indescribable. I am certain I have smelled this before in some other niche brand (Brecourt comes to mind but I cannot be sure). I only know that what I get from Ganymede is not appealing. I don't consider this a groundbreaking, unique, or amazing creation. There is progress to it but for me the joy is cut short early on. As I said ... an enigma!?

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