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MissGuerlain 17 months ago
Shaghaf Oud - Swiss Arabian

Shaghaf Oud Beast mode!!
Comparing it to "Oud Bouquet" by Lancome. The rose is clearly more dominant in "Oud Bouquet". While "Shaghaf Oud" is much sweeter with more praline, however, no overtaking oud. I'd say "Oud Bouquet" is more elegant & floral all through. And Shaghaf...

MissGuerlain 17 months ago
Black Amber (Eau de Toilette) - Zara

Black Amber (Eau de Toilette) A slightly more fruity/synthetic version of D&G The One!
I can only compare it with The One Edp, which I own a bottle of. In the heart notes, more similarities appear, but in the base they again become very easy to separate. Black Amber has more of a tangy vibe+has...




LiisaLiisa 24 months ago
My warmest thanks for multi-swap!
I am so happy everything workef out perfectly in both ends.
I do wish to return someday, all the best till then!
FinannaFinanna 24 months ago
Thank you for the lovely swap!!! I was so delighted to get my hands on my nostalgia scent and the hard-to-find gem (and the extras made me smile too). Looking forward to swap with you in the future!
WichapiWichapi 7 years ago
Heyyyyyyy Beautiful! I am so happy you're here! Let's get that nail polish thread started asap, okay? ;-)
SeatonicaSeatonica 7 years ago
Hi Miss G nice to see you here :)
Lola82Lola82 8 years ago
You got a Beautiful Collection
This is Sissi From Fragrantica
TraxTrax 8 years ago
Oi oi så herlig å se deg her! Det var da på tide he he ;) Tenkte akkurat på deg for jeg så noe som minnet meg om deg i dag, skal sende melding. Kos deg masse her, kjære du! Stooor kram fra Bella :)
DolbyDolby 8 years ago
Ah here you are! ... I hope you're going to pop here more often than once every four months ;)
SherapopSherapop 8 years ago
Nice to see you here! I hope that you'll be active. I'd love to read your reviews! (-;
Bonsoir Miss G.
Bisous :)
GuusjeGuusje 8 years ago
Yeah! An other dear friend here! HUG! :)