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Comparing it to "Oud Bouquet" by Lancome. The rose is clearly more dominant in "Oud Bouquet". While "Shaghaf Oud" is much sweeter with more praline, however, no overtaking oud. I'd say "Oud Bouquet" is more elegant & floral all through. And Shaghaf Oud has much more of the praline & feels sweeter over all. And yes they are veeery similar. I have a decant of "Oud Bouquet", and decided on a bottle of "Shaghaf Oud". The far better price of it where I live made me buy it. Longevity/Sillage/Projection: Beast mode!!

I can only compare it with The One Edp, which I own a bottle of. In the heart notes, more similarities appear, but in the base they again become very easy to separate. Black Amber has more of a tangy vibe+has that tiare 'note in it. I'd say longevity is better on my skin with Zara. But no way near as smooth & creamy as The One. I could wear Zara Black Amber every day without problem, it easy to like!! Both scents have their advantages.

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I have no other perfume that smells like this. On me it's very strong. Like this strong scented lavender & violet soap I used in the guest bathroom of my aunt as a child. Because this is exactly where this scent takes me. Lavender / iris / violet / & after 1h the vetiver takes over more These 4 notes that are leading on my skin. It's definitely not sweet to me. At all. As the scent is so STRONG on me I'll be more careful with my triggerhappy spray-finger and just spray once. Very NICHE to my nose & very unique a'la Comme des Garçons. Thumbs up for the creativity of the bottle & the same thumbs up on creating a niche scent that takes a bit effort to get to know & wear.

Crown Court Bouquet - Created for Lady Astor. A divine bouquet which carries to the creator the homage of all earthly blossoms. Notes: A classical aromatic feminine fougère edp with notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, basil, armoise, mint and moss.

2 Awards

Tiare - Hei Poa

Mmm... I'm wearing this on days I feel like escaping far far away exotic. To my nose this is an amazingly realistic tiare scent, pure and real imo. Nothing synthetic about it, just beautiful! Very longlasting, so spray with a very light hand. Would suit a person who loves authentic tropical floral scents like Monyette, MOR Cosmetics Tahitian & so on. Hei poa is the delicately fresh scent of Tiare blossoms. In Tahiti Tiara is the generic name for all flowers, they are the absolute symbol of the flower and the spirit of Tahiti. Love it!