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24 months ago
Scent 7.0
Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition by Kenzo

Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition„Smooth and Powdery”
I absolutely adore this fragrance. I am very thankful to Sherapop for having given me the opportunity to try this rare gem. Kenzo Vintage Edition has all the qualities I enjoy smelling in a fragrance. It is both powdery and feminine on my skin, but also quite complex...

24 months ago
Scent 4.5
Love In White (Eau de Parfum) by Creed

Love In White (Eau de Parfum)„Not What I Expected...”
Love in White by Creed is a surprisingly crisp, citrusy scent on my skin. I also find it rather difficult to wear, perhaps the only time I reach for it is during the midst of Summer when the weather is unbearably hot. Love in White is not something that I would...


GuusjeGuusje 4 years ago
Hi there < 3
Just wanted to let you know that I do a scent related project again on YouTube :)

SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER ----> You can watch the TRAILER hereL https://youtu.be/LjmZlufUH4Q
Daily uploads with lots of information!
Not only about perfume, but just Guus being Guus: rambling about everything and anything ;)
Hope you will feel inspired by SMELL & TELL NOVEMBER!
xoxo Guusje
GuusjeGuusje 5 years ago
Big HUG from Holland :) xxx
GreysolonGreysolon 6 years ago
Congratulations on 1,100 reviews!
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 7 years ago
Hey Missk - I love your reviews, thanks for being here!
PerfumecrazyPerfumecrazy 7 years ago
Hi Missk - thanks for your reply. What a shame we are deprived of Yves Rocher here. I will definitely check our eBay as you suggest.
PerfumecrazyPerfumecrazy 7 years ago
Hi Missk - love your reviews btw. I have a quick question - where do you find Yves Rocher in Australia? I look at places online (Lucky Scent, Surrender to chance, strawberry.net) for samples and FB's but no luck. Not sure what department stores stock them either. I feel like I'm missing out because they get some great reviews.
SherapopSherapop 7 years ago
1000 reviews! Good work MissK! (-;
CristalleCristalle 7 years ago
Oh, I see! I am relieved that you do not test 15 scents in one day LOL. (Your comments did not give me this impression though!) Even six is an impressing number. I tried to translate my latest German reviews, but this is not so easy... I just wanted to fill some blanks on the english Parfumo website, but I did not know that there were some very knowledgeable members who go into mass production ;-) filling up the empty spaces in no time at all. Keep going :-)

Have a nice sunday!
CristalleCristalle 7 years ago
I don`t believe it! 15 reviews in one day!!! Crazy, how do you do that?
MisskMissk 7 years ago
Oh no! I cannot let that happen! ;)
Camera and a cat here I come...