MisskMissk's Collection

I have


Charlotte Charlotte 7 years ago
What a diverse collection, I am very impressed!
Hergele Hergele 8 years ago
Yatagan? really interesting.
Sonnenfee Sonnenfee 8 years ago
That´s a beautiful collection! :D
Missk Missk 8 years ago
Bloodflower, I know!
I have many samples by Annick Goutal. I will buy big bottles of Heure Exquise EDT, Ce Soir ou Jamais, Eau de Lavande and Myrrhe Ardente one day, when I'm extremely rich that is.
bloodflower bloodflower 8 years ago
i am surprised to see just 2 annick goutal bottles :)
Missk Missk 8 years ago
List contains full bottles and decants over 5ml.