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I adore Elie Saab Le Parfum and the way it wears on my skin. As I am on the hunt for a wedding day scent, I thought it wise to test some of her flankers. Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 seemed like the perfect place to start.

Le Parfum Resort Collection opens super juicy and sweet all thanks to the pomegranate and mandarin accords. I wasn't expecting this fragrance to be quite so fruity, I was rather hoping that the orange blossom note would feature more prominently. It's a very pretty, youthful scent however it's not quite me and to be honest fruity florals rarely are.

The fruity aspect of this fragrance persists for at least the first three hours of wear before settling into a lush orange blossom and jasmine blend which is not unlike the original Le Parfum.

Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 would make a fun and playful addition to anyone's wardrobe, more so if you happen to live in a warm climate. Essentially this flanker is best suited to the younger market and for summertime wear. I find it a little too sweet for my personal tastes. The original Le Parfum is more my cup of tea.

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Le Parfum Resort Collection has very little in common with the original Le Parfum. Orange blossom barely features in this flanker, tending to be more on the fruity and fresh side of things.

The strongest notes to my nose include a soft, green fig note and a zesty citrus peel accord which tends to dominate throughout much of the opening and the drydown. It's obvious from the very first spritz that this fragrance is intended to be worn during Summer or in a tropical, humid climate. It's like a less sweet Escada release in lots of ways.

The orange blossom note is very minor in relation to the rest of the composition. Frangipani appears to be the standout floral in this flanker adding a creamy, somewhat tropical feel. A smooth amber accord in the base adds an interesting warmth that I actually enjoy. I find that the amber blends beautifully with all the fruitiness that this fragrance conveys.

Le Parfum Resort Collection in all honesty is not something that I would ever personally wear. It is however a very pleasant fig scent, much softer than the likes of Philosykos by Diptyque. The longevity is surprisingly good as is the sillage. I still prefer the original Le Parfum as I am an avid fan of orange blossom, but if such scents aren't your thing you may be perfectly content with its flanker Le Parfum Resort Collection.

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Molinard's Habanita was first designed as a fragrance to scent cigarettes. As an occasional smoker myself, I can certainly see how this fragrance could mesh well with the scent of smoky, stale tobacco smoke. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of cigarettes, especially on a man even though I know it's a dirty habit. Molinard's Habanita for this reason, is a little piece of heaven.

Habanita opened quite strongly on my skin with rich, shiny leather notes, sweet, powdery peach and nose-burning resins. It was like a more potent version of Bvlgari's Black at first, dark, rubbery and slightly masculine.

As it settled, the floral accords began to immerge, in a sweet, baby-powderish manner with subtle hints of smokey tobacco, leather and resins. Occasionally it smelt like red vintage lipstick, that odd cosmetic smell I come across in classic scents sometimes. I find this combination quite delicious and strangely sexual, in a sadistic and masochistic way.

Habanita is the scent of a strong, confident and powerful woman who does not mess around, she gets straight down to business. It almost blows my mind with how raunchy and wicked this fragrance is. I love wearing this because it's so different from what I usually reach for on a daily basis.

My man, although he was a little taken aback at first, adores this scent on me. He says it smells like I've just spent the day with some hot lesbian bikers in leather get-up, smoked a few too many cigarettes and came back to him smelling clean and powdery but dirty at the same time. His description is actually far more exact than my own.

All in all, as I've said, this is an extremely powerful fragrance and one that lasts a decade on the skin too. I highly recommend to everyone and anyone, and I think those that dismiss it are fools because it's a classic for reason, and a good reason at that. Thankyou Adrien02 for gifting me this beautiful fragrance.

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I was first introduced to Balmain's La Môme during a blind sniffing competition earlier this year. When I initially applied it to my wrists and inhaled, I was quite struck by its sweetness, with the juicy raspberry accord radiating strongly on my skin. I had assumed it was either a celebrity fragrance or a release from a well-known brand, marketed towards younger women.

You can imagine my surprise when it was revealed that the mystery scent was actually Balmain's La Môme. Needless to say, I would never have guessed it. I had imagined this fragrance to smell like an intense oriental, laden with spices and resins.

To my nose, La Môme is sweet, mysterious and in some ways, flirtatious. It's a scent that grows on you over time, but may greet you as a shock initially. Although the opening is quite sweet with candied raspberry, pink pepper and oily rose, what follows tends to show more depth and complexity in terms of composition.

The heart introduces some of my favourite oriental accords; opoponax, myrrh and amber. These combine to create a warm and enticing scent, that actually blends perfectly with the sweet raspberry and rose. It was during this phase that I found myself growing fond of La Môme.

Pardon my naïvety, but seeming that Edith Piaf was before my time, I don't know much about her, nor have I watched the movie which is said to have inspired this fragrance. I am however familiar with her famous and incredibly moving song, 'La Vie en Rose', so I agree that the rose note was a perfect addition to La Môme's scent pyramid.

La Môme is incredibly lasting on my skin, so I applaud the longevity. The sillage is not bad either, but I can't say that it's particularly strong. I would consider this fragrance a sure crowd-pleaser, however it may disappoint some, especially if they're expecting to smell a heavy oriental. I would advise against blind buying La Môme due to its fruity yet ambery nature.

Originally written: August 25, 2012.

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I can certainly see how some could compare Molinard's Nirmala to Thierry Mugler's Angel, but despite the similarities, Angel is a gourmand and Nirmala is an oriental with a hint of boozy fruits. I could own both scents without feeling as if one is copying the other.

Nirmala is a rich and exotic fragrance on the skin. Within moments of first applying Nirmala to my wrists, I was frantically scanning the internet in hopes of acquiring a bottle immediately. I'm a huge fan of Molinard, so it made perfect sense to go right ahead and make an impulse buy based on the top notes alone.

I eventually withheld my eagerness and calmed myself in order to experience both the heart and drydown before hitting the buy button. I'm glad I took a second to think it over because the composition does tend to be a tad linear. I wouldn't consider its lack of development as negative, but it is slightly disappointing, at least for me.

Nirmala opens with sweet bursts of passionfruit and mango, which can smell rather tropical and vibrant on the skin. The grapefruit accord is also present, however anything citrusy in this composition tends to be subtle rather than bold.

In the heart, the fruits begin to settle and the vanilla, along with the tonka bean provide a more oriental texture. A hint of fresh jasmine keeps this fragrance smelling feminine and crisp.

I'm happy to say that the longevity is excellent, with Nirmala being yet another fine example of quality from the house of Molinard. It might be of interest for some that I'm reviewing the current version of Nirmala in the newer packaging. I am unable to compare this version to the older 50's formulation, so I cannot offer any information as to whether a reformulation has occurred.

Originally written: August 23, 2012.

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Penhaligon's Artemisia is a fragrance that I can only describe as soft, feminine and clean. I can see why so many women adore this fragrance, as it is full of charm and elegance.

I hesitate to classify this fragrance as soapy, so I'll stick with clean. The creamy vanilla accord stops it from becoming too predictable, and what a relief it is that this fragrance is more than just 'shower fresh'. It goes to show that clean doesn't always have to be plain and boring.

Penhaligon's Artemisia is a perfume that I feel extremely comfortable wearing, so I whole-heartedly recommend this fragrance to just about any woman, even those that shy away from anything too loud and obtrusive. As inoffensive as it may appear to be, that's not to say that you won't stand out in a crowd. While testing this fragrance, my boyfriend had many positive things to say about it, so I'd assume that men enjoy its scent.

I really love Penhaligon's classic approach and style. It is something to be admired, even if it is very British. They have a knack for florals, and compose them so beautifully that they suit almost any occasion. Penhaligon's Artemisia is a scent that you could wear all year round.

Other than having a dominant blend of crisp white musk and creamy vanilla, Penhaligon's Artemisia also has a soft, powdery violet note and a hint of sweet jasmine and sandalwood in the base. I see that some reviewers are complaining that the longevity is poor, well I'm just adding my two cents, but I found the lasting strength quite impressive, lasting well over six hours on my skin.

Originally Written: August 19, 2012.

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I have really enjoyed wearing Bazar pour Homme, so much so that I've worn it twice. There's something really enticing about the combination of lavender with citrus accords. As a woman, I am often impressed whenever a man wears a fragrance with a good dose of lavender. Despite its soothing feel, it's also very masculine and in some ways, sexy.

Bazar pour Homme opens with a sharp, zesty burst of grapefruit and a crisp, herbaceous lavender accord. At first it smells very fresh and invigorating on the skin, like something best suited to Spring and Summer. Once settled, Bazar pour Homme becomes much smoother with a hint of creamy sandalwood and fir.

Perhaps my nose is playing tricks on me, but I swear I can detect a subtle hint of cinnamon somewhere in this fragrance's composition. It tends to smell rather warm and sweet after a while, making it an excellent choice for all seasons.

I don't know whether or not this fragrance and its female counterpart, Bazar pour Femme have been discontinued indefinitely. While they're not easy fragrances to find, I do occasionally stumble upon them in duty free stores and small pharmacies from time to time.

While Bazar pour Homme is not as original as Bazar pour Femme, I love them both equally. Despite being marketed for men, I find this fragrance easily unisex and urge any woman to try it. Other than smelling fantastic, extra bonuses include incredible longevity and moderate sillage.

Originally Written: August 19, 2012.

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Simply by Clinique is quite an odd little scent, one that I'm not surprised to discover has been discontinued. Somehow I feel as if it's a hard one to please.

Personally I applaud its unique and daring approach, even though I may not be a huge fan of soy beans and their accompanying scent. If I were not aware of Clinique Simply's dominant soy bean accord, I may have mistaken it for a green and slightly dry take on licorice.

On the skin this fragrance has the tendency to turn a little bitter. However, when blended with the right skin chemistry, Clinique Simply can smell quite pleasant in all its bitterness. With a light application, it also shows some promise in regards to being worn as a natural skin scent.

I know many perfume friends of whom mourn the loss of Clinique Simply. I'm rather surprised that I have managed to track down a bottle of this fragrance in a Duty Free store recently. I had thought it was long gone.

I wasn't game enough to test this fragrance on my skin, in fear of it becoming a scrubber in a matter of seconds. It's not really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate it for what it is. I would recommend Clinique Simply for wear during Spring and Autumn. Essentially it's perfect for those mid-seasons.

Other than soy beans, Clinique Simply also has prominent accords of green melon and a hint of unsweetened milk. The longevity is fantastic.

Originally Written: August 06, 2012.

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Bazar by Christian Lacroix is a fascinating and unique fragrance. It dares to be different, allowing the wearer to stand out in a crowd. For that reason alone, I am quite smitten.

The first time I tested this fragrance, I immediately pictured carrots. I could have sworn that there was a carrot seed accord in Bazar, because for the first few hours, it was all that I could smell. The carrot-like scent is actually a blend of peach, nasturcia and pepper. Interesting combination I must say.

Some reviewers are calling this fragrance fresh. Although it's perfectly suitable for warm days, I wouldn't call it particularly refreshing or crisp. It's oddly green and warm like a ray of sunshine. Seeming that it also smells a little bit like juicy carrot sticks, I guess you could call it vegetal too. I find it a little similar to Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes.

Towards the heart and drydown, Bazar becomes quite peppery and spicy on the skin. Although a touch sharp, once your nose becomes accustomed, you'll find the scent growing on you. Honestly, I didn't like Bazar at first, but since my second wearing, I'm beginning to discover many lovable aspects.

I like the name Bazar, I think it explains the bizarre nature of this composition well. I only hope that the male version is just as daring.

The sillage is fairly strong but never overpowering. I guess the same could be said of the longevity. I am highly impressed by this fragrance, and am even more delighted by the fact that I scored a sample of Bazar on Ebay for ninety cents. Talk about a bargain!

Originally written: July 29, 2012.

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Poup`ee by Rochas is a fragrance worth discovering. It is often overlooked as it's not the most popular Rochas scent, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. It is one of those fragrances which should appeal to people with diverse taste.

Poup`ee tends to have two distinct phases throughout the composition. The first part is a buttery white floral which later fades into part two, an uplifting and frivolous pineapple scent.

In some ways Poup`ee caters to all those in favour of white florals and fruity florals. I found it both fascinating and perhaps a little odd that it opened with tuberose and gardenia and dried down to pineapple. Usually, in a scent pyramid, these notes would be the other way around.

Buttery tuberose can sometimes be a struggle to wear in terms of skin chemistry and seasons. Some may feel put off right from the very beginning, especially since it struck me as a youthful, lighter and fresher version of Robert Piguet's Fracas. Do not fear. Once the pineapple accord makes itself known, the tuberose isn't as noticeable.

Personally, I find Poup`ee unique and incredibly pleasing. I'm not a massive fan of pineapple, as I don't like its acidic nature, but in Poup`ee it's tolerable. I am very glad to have given this fragrance a fair chance.

I would say that the longevity is good and the sillage soft, but not weak. It is best suited to wear during Spring and Summer, and the occasional Autumn days. I recommend.

Originally written: July 28, 2012.

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