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Missk 3 years ago
Smooth and Powdery
I absolutely adore this fragrance. I am very thankful to Sherapop for having given me the opportunity to try this rare gem.

Kenzo Vintage Edition has all the qualities I enjoy smelling in a fragrance. It is both powdery and feminine on my skin, but also quite complex and intriguing. I've worn it out in public twice since being given a sample, and on both occasions I received some positive comments from strangers.

This fragrance opens with a sweet and juicy mandarin accord. However this note is fairly short-lived as the scent quickly dissolves into a smooth, powdery heliotrope and tonka bean blend.

When I first smelt Kenzo Vintage Edition I swore that I could detect an almond note, and was rather confused when I saw that it wasn't listed in the scent pyramid. Even to this day, I can still smell almonds, even though it may just be the tonka bean playing tricks with my senses. Nevertheless, Kenzo Vintage Edition has a slightly nutty texture which makes it smell quite foody and delicious at times.

This fragrance soothes me. It never overwhelms me with its presence, and I find it to be the perfect choice for a windy, overcast day when I need a touch of warmth. It's a pity that this fragrance has since been discontinued. I consider it one of Kenzo's best.

Although the sillage is fairly moderate, the longevity is outstanding. I'll spritz this on in the morning before work, and return home in the evening to find it still lingering on my skin. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this fragrance to anyone, even men, seeing that it has slight unisex tendencies.

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Missk 3 years ago
Not What I Expected...
Love in White by Creed is a surprisingly crisp, citrusy scent on my skin. I also find it rather difficult to wear, perhaps the only time I reach for it is during the midst of Summer when the weather is unbearably hot.

Love in White is not something that I would call particularly feminine. I find it easily unisex, and I assume that men would indeed prefer this scent over and above women. In my opinion, it's marketed incorrectly.

Like many, I had assumed that Love in White would be a smooth, powdery white floral with a touch of clean freshness. Well, I got the 'clean and fresh' bit right, but to believe that this fragrance was a floral was completely untrue. If you like sour citrus scents, Love in White is for you, but if that description makes you cringe, I'd advise that you try other Creed scents and stay far, far away from this little number.

I really have to be in the mood to wear Love in White, and I also have to remember to apply sparingly, as the sillage is rather intense on my skin. Throughout the development, the scent begins to smell oddly reminiscent of an aquatic fragrance. When I smell Love in White I immediately think of Summer and clean laundry drying in the sun. Nevertheless, wearing this fragrance during the cooler months, as I've come to discover, can be a huge mistake.

I must be honest and say that I prefer Creed's older scents, as their newer releases seem to have lost a lot of Creed's royal charm. But then again, I realise that this fragrance has a huge fan base, (apparently even Angelina Jolie loves wearing it), so perhaps it all boils down to personal tastes.

Missk 3 years ago
Much Anticipated Flanker
When I first sprayed CK2 by Calvin Klein I didn't think much of it. The initial blast was very citrusy, ozonic and metallic. I stuffed the scent strip into my handbag and carried on with my day.

Revisiting this fragrance again, I am amazed by how much it has developed. It's more powdery and floral on second sniff, like a subdued floral aquatic. I may be unpopular for saying this but I actually enjoy CK2 far better than CK One.

The metallic accord remains throughout the entire composition, however it is by no means unpleasant. CK2 smells very clean and clinically fresh to my nose, almost like the scent of undiluted laundry detergent. CK2 would make the perfect Summer scent especially if paired with a casual t-shirt and blue jeans.

At this present point in time this fragrance is leaning more towards the feminine side, especially seeing that I can smell lots of powdery violet leaf and peony emanating from my paper strip. I am however curious to see how CK2 wears on a man.

I find this fragrance to have excellent staying power and moderate sillage. It's a first in a long line of CK One flankers that I actually find interesting.

Missk 3 years ago
Laundry-Fresh Floral
In preparation for my impending nuptials I have been researching the most popular choices for a bride on her wedding day. Carven Le Parfum was suggested more than once so I was keen to see how this fragrance fared on my skin.

Carven Le Parfum is a very clean, slightly musky floral with notes of mandarin blossom, apricot, hyacinth, osmanthus and sweet pea. I'm not sure as to whether I would wear this on my wedding day but it is pretty nonetheless.

It's not a typical white floral, in fact it's a lot muskier and crisper than most florals in this genre, almost laundry fresh rather than garden fresh.

The drydown retains much of the juicy apricot accord intermixed with some dusty sandalwood. Overall I find Carven Le Parfum to be a very classic scent, one that will appeal to those with a more mature taste.

I can see why some brides would choose to wear Carven Le Parfum on their special day. It is extremely pleasant and clean smelling and would be absolutely gorgeous on a warm Summer's day. Sadly Carven Le Parfum isn't the wedding day scent I was looking for as it's a little too laundry-fresh and green for my liking, but with that being said it would make a lovely addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Missk 3 years ago
A Love Story Indeed
Chloe Love Story is a beautiful fragrance and I am glad to have tried it. The original Chloe EDP doesn't suit my skin nor my tastes all too well and sadly many of her flankers pose the same problem as they smell too alike. Chloe Love Story could be considered a stand-alone fragrance as it bears very few similarities to its predecessor.

Chloe Love Story is a clean, somewhat soapy interpretation of neroli, stephanotis, rose and pear. It has a similar fresh laundry vibe like the rest of the Chloe range, just without the fizzy peony and litchi notes.

Chloe Love Story was recommended on a few bridal websites as the perfect garden wedding scent. As a soon-to-be-bride myself I am placing Chloe Love Story onto my rather exhaustive shortlist for my big day. I adore neroli dominant fragrances and am looking for something refreshing and pristine with this fragrance ticking lots of boxes.

I am a little concerned however that Chloe Love Story is soon to be discontinued if not already. My local department store now only carries the original Chloe EDP, Chloe Fleur de Parfum and Roses de Chloe, with Chloe Love Story already relegated to the discount stores. If this is to be my wedding day fragrance I will have to make my decision quickly to avoid disappointment.

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