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This fragrance is in no way similar to Fantasy. It's much darker and fruitier. You can really smell the plum and sour cherry in this fragrance.

The only time I find this scent sickening is when I try wearing this during the day. Because this fragrance is so intensely fruity, I can't help feeling nauseous and overwhelmed. A girl on the bus the other day had doused herself in Midnight Fantasy and I heard quite a few passengers whisper to one another about how strong and headache inducing this scent was in an enclosed space.

However, when worn on a cool night the scent changes and becomes something that I love. I rather enjoy wearing Midnight Fantasy when I go out at night with my friends, and it goes down well in a nightclub atmosphere.

I find the scent to be very sensual, seductive and intriguing. I always feel mysterious and sexy when wearing this. Another added bonus is that the scent is long-lasting, so it won't have vanished after the night is over.

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This was the first Britney fragrance I bought.

I remember craving this fragrance when it first came out. I would always remember to spray this on me whenever I passed the fragrance counter at my local department store. I was so young at the time, it would be at least another 4 years before I actually owned Curious.

When I finally owned a bottle of this, I rarely used it. I wanted to wear stronger and louder fragrances, and Curious just seemed too light at the time. It wasn't until my perfume collection started spiralling out of control that I came back to this scent.

In the warmer months Curious really blossomed. The fragrance was light, flowery yet musky. On the skin it was soft, delicate and feminine.

Curious is what I'd call a soft and pretty floral scent. In the opening you can smell the pear blending with the jasmine, tuberose and magnolia. This fragrance kick-started my love for white florals.

The drydown is quite musky, yet the vanilla adds a slight sweetness, rounding off the scent nicely.

I'm not ashamed to say that I wore this fragrance during this year's Summer, donning it every day until every last drop was gone. The scent left me feeling refreshed and clean.

The lasting power unfortunately wasn't great, (possibly the reason why I haven't repurchased this fragrance). However if I received Curious again as a gift I would not complain.

Overall, Curious is a distinctive fragrance best suited to young girls searching for something light, flirtatious and pretty.

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This fragrance was my first introduction to gourmand scents. When I first smelt Fantasy it was love at first sniff. It was unique, girly, deliciously sweet and intoxicating.

When you first spray Fantasy you are met with a slightly sour burst of tropical kiwi fruit. This however does not last long and eventually the fragrance warms into a soft, vanilla cupcake served fresh from the oven.

My ex-boyfriend affectionately called me 'cupcake' whenever I wore Fantasy, and although I wouldn't describe this fragrance as sexy or seductive, it can be very inviting and playful. The bottle is also very cute and feminine and looks absolutely fantastic on my dresser.

If there were ever a scent-olympics, Fantasy would win the lasting-strength marathon by a mile. I spray this on at 8 in the morning and I can still smell it later that night.

I have been known to wear this scent during the day and also out at night. I have even worn Fantasy on a few casual dates because it has the ability to create a somewhat romantic mood.

This is once again another exceptional fragrance from Miss Britney Spears.

I received this perfume as a gift for my 18th birthday, and admittedly I was not a fan. It's an odd fragrance in that it doesn't smell citrusy or sour, yet it isn't sweet either. It's more of a tart-like floral.

I have tried to like this scent, even forcing myself to wear it on various occasions. In some ways it reminds me of halved peaches in a can. Not something that I aspire to smell like. Many reviewers compare Paris Hilton to Ralph by Ralph Lauren. I can also detect some similarities between them, having owned them both in the past.

The lasting power is quite good, and the sillage average. I suppose Paris Hilton is rather refreshing and clean smelling, so I don't doubt that it will appeal to some. If I had to recommend this perfume, I would suggest it to teens seeing that it is inexpensive and fruity.

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If there ever came a time when the world was about to end and I had to save at least one perfume, this would be my choice. It is such a strange yet lovable scent, one that has a somewhat uncanny resemblance to a field of wildflowers.

A perfectly imagined scene whilst wearing this fragrance would include a pretty, white summer dress and a picturesque green field complete with wild daisies. I would be lying on the grass next to the one I love watching the clouds drift by. It brings joy to my day.

The combination of peach, reseda, sage and violet gives this fragrance a strangely bitter, honey-like scent. What I find so intriguing and fascinating is the unique drydown. I'll be walking down the street and wondering what smells so beautiful, and then I'll realise that it's actually me. Words cannot describe how warm and enriching this fragrance can be in its final stages.

I would never have believed that a person like myself, with such a picky personality would ever find her signature scent. Well, I guess I proved myself wrong. I'll be wearing this perfume for many years to come.

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