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I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce's fragrances, but I find this limited edition oddly fun and inviting. Pulse Summer Edition has a rather juicy and sweet approach, something that will more than likely appeal to teenagers, but also something that the older consumers may enjoy.

The opening is quite sugary and fruity on the skin, with orange candy, icy pears and a dash of pink pepper. The overall feeling is a tad tropical, and although it wears beautifully on warm, sunny days, it could work well during the cooler weather too.

Benzoin and orchid work well together in the heart, ramping up the sweetness and providing a slightly gourmand twist. Pulse Summer Edition is the kind of fragrance I'd probably wear out clubbing as it reminds me of all those sweet alcoholic beverages, namely daiquiris.

This composition is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, you could draw comparisons between this fragrance and many other celebrity scents on the market. I'm refraining from giving this fragrance a bad review, because I honestly find myself enjoying it, even though I'd probably never buy myself a bottle.

It's nice to sometimes revert back to your youth, and wearing such a sweet fragrance like Pulse Summer Edition takes me back to the memories of those carefree days. In my opinion, this fragrance is more juvenile than grown-up.

The lasting power was actually quite impressive, and the sillage was thankfully moderate, so I didn't end up smelling too much like a walking lollipop. I am yet to test the original Pulse, so I cannot comment on their similarities or differences.

Originally written: July 28, 2012.

2 Awards
It's so easy to dismiss a fragrance based purely upon the fact that it's cheap. There's always that presumption that it can't be anything that spectacular, so if you're anything like me, you might stick your nose up in the air and keep walking. Cabaret should have stopped me dead in my tracks.

These days, the rose and patchouli combo seems a tad overdone, but back when this fragrance was first released, it was relatively new. Cabaret is perhaps not as intense as the more renowned patchouli and rose fragrances on the market, but I don't consider that a fault. I like that Cabaret sits closer to the skin.

The opening is fairly straight-forward. The rose accord is rich and oily, and the patchouli smells green and earthy. On the skin, Cabaret feels rather elegant and smooth, with the slightest hint of sensuality. Let me put it this way, this fragrance smells a lot more expensive than it actually is.

The heart and drydown are very similar to the top notes. Amber provides an element of syrupy warmth, while a touch of spicy musk and incense balances this fragrance out and adds extra depth.

Gres comes up with some really interesting scents. It's a pity that they aren't readily available or well-known. I have only positive things to say about this brand.

Despite Cabaret's subtle nature, this fragrance has great lasting strength. I would recommend it for wear during Autumn and Winter, and even on the occasional Spring day. I personally wear it often as a date fragrance as I feel it adds to the romantic mood.

Originally written: July 23, 2012.

2 Awards
Eau Duelle is a hard scent to fathom. One minute it smells like an oriental vanilla, the next it's a smooth, woodsy floral. Either way, it wasn't what I was expecting.

For the most part, Eau Duelle is creamy in texture and discreet. The bourbon vanilla accord is rather dominant on my skin, with a smooth buttery quality created by the elemi resin. It's unique but not difficult to wear.

Occasionally I find myself enjoying Eau Duelle and its smoothness, however I have to agree with some reviewers that it is simple and perhaps forgettable. Although, for days when something soft and inoffensive is required, I somehow seem to crave it. So it does have its purpose.

One or two spritzes is enough to last the whole day, as Eau Duelle has wonderful lasting power and moderate sillage. I've only recently begun to test Diptyque as a brand, and so far I'm enjoying their light and simplistic offerings. They convey a beautiful sense of elegance through their compositions.

The way in which this fragrance settles on the skin, is both comforting and familiar. In fact, it's quite a cuddly scent. Due to its comforting nature it seems fairly casual to me, however it's versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere.

Eau Duelle is not likely to offend. Who doesn't love a cosy vanilla scent? This is yet another very pleasant niche offering that I have no qualms in recommending.

Originally written: July 15, 2012.

2 Awards
Anne Pliska is an intense yet beautiful fragrance. It is generally well-received, even being awarded four stars by Tania Sanchez in 'Perfumes: The A-Z Guide'. It is a must-try for all oriental and amber fans.

This fragrance is not unlike Ambre Fetiche by Annick Goutal, the only major difference being Anne Pliska's orangey and crisp aromas. The amber in this fragrance is pleasantly sweet, further complimented by a glorious, pulpy orange, which can smell syrupy at times.

Anne Pliska is a rather heavy scent, so the phrase, 'a little goes a long way', does apply here. On a cold Winter's night, Anne Pliska smells absolutely breath-taking on the skin. I have received many compliments since discovering this beauty.

To my nose, Anne Pliska smells exotic and mysterious. I almost always feel this way towards ambery orientals, which is possibly why I love them so much. The drydown, is in my opinion, the best part, with the introduction of a rich and smoky incense accord. I am immediately transported to an ancient temple on a quiet, tropical island.

The vanilla accord tends to enhance the overall composition and pairs off beautifully with the amber. There's so much to love in regards to Anne Pliska. It's such a shame that this brand hasn't gone out of its way to produce more fragrances along the same lines as this one.

Anne Pliska is incredibly lasting on the skin. Even after a shower, this fragrance still faintly lingers. I don't hesitate in recommending this fragrance to every perfume enthusiast I know. It is one niche fragrance that sets a rather high benchmark, surprisingly having existed since the late 80's.

Originally written: July 15, 2012.

I recall testing Let It Rock a few years ago. At the time patchouli was not a scent that I enjoyed, so I remember hurriedly returning the tester bottle to the shelf and walking away without thinking twice. I never wrote a follow-up review and knowing that I owed it to this fragrance to write one, I ordered a sample of Let It Rock.

It's surprising how much our tastes can change. Let It Rock is now a fragrance that I thoroughly enjoy. My attitude towards patchouli has also changed.

This fragrance opens with a rather intense burst of patchouli and citrusy bergamot. It smells very green and menthol-like for at least the first few minutes, before settling into a smooth, slightly powdery heart.

The floral accords aren't all that obvious in Let It Rock. If anything, there's the slightest hint of jasmine, but it's neither fresh nor delicate. Amber and patchouli tend to dominate the composition, providing a rich, somewhat resinous texture. To some reviewers it smells sweaty, however on my skin, it smells heavenly.

Let It Rock is a scent with a hint of aggressiveness. Although feminine, it's not pretty. I find it best suited for wear during Autumn and Winter, as it has that touch of spicy warmth.

The longevity and sillage are excellent, really good for the price. Many discounters seem to sell this fragrance, partly due to the fact that it's unpopular. Well, I personally don't understand how it could be so disliked. Hating patchouli is one thing, but to hate a well executed fragrance, shocks me greatly.

Originally written: July 14, 2012.

2 Awards
Guess Man is a pleasant aromatic for men, which turned out to be a rather surprising find in a bargain bin. For anyone on a tight budget, this fragrance will most certainly please you.

In all honesty, Guess Man is not a fragrance that will blow you away, but it does have some truly likable qualities. I wouldn't mind smelling this on my man every now and then. It's fresh, but not in a citrusy or aquatic sense of the word. It has some marvellous green fir, lavender and nutmeg nuances which are surprisingly smooth and masculine.

Guess Man strikes me as being very relaxed and casual, perfect for those occasions where you just want to kick back in the comfort of your own home. It's not necessarily bland, but it's not the right fragrance if you want to impress. To a female nose, Guess Man smells friendly and crisp.

The drydown is rather musky with a hint of soap, providing that clean skin feeling. If you're one of those men that like to wear a scent to bed to help you doze off, this fragrance could work a treat. I should mention that this scent also lasts.

I'm rather thankful that Guess Man didn't turn out to be a citrus aromatic (as classified above). I am more than impressed by this fragrance and I have no qualms in recommending it as a versatile and inexpensive scent for all types of men.

Originally written: July 13, 2012.

2 Awards
Womanity is such a love it or hate it kind of fragrance, but in my opinion, this Taste of Fragrance flanker is more likely to impress. It is less sharp, better balanced and richer on the skin, with the fig chutney really shining through.

I can wear Taste of Fragrance Womanity with ease, as I don't fear that anyone would ever find themselves offended by the way I smell. The odd, fishy caviar accord is all but diminished, and the fig accord is a lot more foody and polite.

It's difficult to classify this fragrance, as it's not quite a gourmand, but not a fruity floral or an aquatic either. If anything, it's a unique and fresh take on fig; both tasty and tangy.

For those of you that are avoiding this fragrance due to an intense dislike for the original, you should give it a chance. You may be surprised. While the majority of Thierry Mugler flankers can be tedious at the best of times, I'm really loving this Taste of Fragrance range. The added gourmand qualities have really 'amped up' and improved the overall compositions, while remaining true to the originals. Fig chutney goes perfectly with Womanity.

Unfortunately the lasting strength wasn't fantastic on my skin. The sillage wasn't as powerful as I thought it might be either, tending to soften after the strong fig opening. I will be using up my sample, but in regards to buying a full bottle, I'm undecided.

Originally written: July 13, 2012.

Pilar & Lucy seems to be a niche house rather keen on producing sweet and youthful fragrances. With the fun yet lengthy names and eccentric bottle designs, I can't see why any young girl wouldn't want to add a Pilar & Lucy scent to her collection.

Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon is almost as sweet as a lollipop, with syrupy amber and a somewhat medicinal opening of cinnamon and star anise. On my skin, the tuberose, although faintly present, is not the most dominant note. If anything, this fragrance is quite ambery, with a rich and sweet incense drydown.

The perfume oil may be very different to the EDP. In the EDP, Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon is really sweet. So sweet that some may find it nauseating. Once settled, the heart and drydown resembles Jessica Simpson's Fancy in some ways.

I have to be in the right mood to wear this fragrance, only because the sillage is strong and the sweetness a little juvenile. I felt the same way about The Exact Friction of Stars, also by this house. Either way, whenever I do wear it, I enjoy it immensely, particularly on a cold Winter's night.

For me personally, Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon isn't the best interpretation of tuberose and amber. I am yet to test the perfume oil, but from what I've read, it's far more impressive than the EDP. This fragrance was a big like, but not a love.

Originally written: July 13, 2012.

Belladonna by MOR Cosmetics, is a fun and frivolous floral with a touch of sweetness. I discovered this fragrance a few months ago, while out shopping for Mother's Day. I actually ended up buying it for my mother, and since then, she's worn it often.

When I say that this fragrance is sweet, I don't mean that it is nauseating, candy-like or cloying. My mother detests anything of that kind, and often makes negative remarks concerning sugary scents whenever she smells them on passers-by. It was important for me to find something balanced, pleasant and feminine, and Belladonna met those requirements.

The lemon in this fragrance smells more like pink grapefruit to my nose. While the citrusy accord is not strong or overpowering, it is a constant fixture in this composition. It's also where the sweetness tends to originate.

The floral heart is my favourite bit, with a delicate blend of sunny narcissus, powdery roses and rich tulip. You won't find tulip in many fragrances, so in a way, Belladonna smells rather unique.

Vanilla, especially in the heart and drydown, smoothes everything out, also providing a hint of warmth. While I would personally wear Belladonna during Spring and Summer, the vanilla accord makes it wearable during the cooler months too.

I'm only jumping on the MOR bandwagon now, although this fragrance was released some time ago. It comes in a 9ml rollerball with a range of matching products. The sillage is moderate, and the longevity, while not disappointing, could last a little longer. Overall, a pleasant and fun scent.

Originally written: July 13, 2012.

6 Awards
Since Madonna released Truth or Dare, reviews have been mixed. Some say it's the best celebrity fragrance yet, while others call it cheap and uninspiring. Honestly, I'm on either side of the fence. I neither love it nor dislike it.

It is fairly evident that Fracas has been the inspiration behind this fragrance. If you love Fracas, you'll most likely enjoy this cheaper alternative. I, for one, find Truth or Dare less thick and lacking in quality when compared to the 'Queen of Tuberose'.

While I appreciate white florals of this nature, I find them incredibly difficult to wear. I always feel like a walking vase of wilted flowers, and that's not something that I personally aspire to smelling like. Truth or Dare is too dry and buttery for my personal tastes.

Madonna is not very popular among the young ones these days, so this fragrance is more than likely aiming to please the older market. Going for an unsweetened and heavy white floral, has probably been the best choice. Many have remarked that it stands out amongst the sweet and fruity concoctions that celebrities usually come up with.

Unfortunately Truth or Dare is a little linear in terms of composition. It's a buttery, musky and slightly green blend of tuberose, gardenia and lily from beginning to end. While it's no innocent fragrance, I don't find it particularly sexy either. Madonna has always been a controversial figure, so I was kind of hoping that her first fragrance would reflect that.

According to certain blogs, Madonna has a rather large collection of perfumes, so I don't doubt that she'd actually wear what she has created. Truth or Dare is pleasant and in some ways, very classy. My negativity stems from the fact that in 'truth', it's a copy of Fracas, and it seems to be seriously lacking in that 'dare' concept.

Originally written: July 11, 2012.

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