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Finally, after all this time, I've managed to test Laura Biagiotti's Roma. Amongst perfume enthusiasts, this is considered one of the classics. I hear a lot about it, and even more appealing is its relatively inexpensive price tag.

First things first, Roma is unique. It is also very complex. While it did get off to a rocky start, once settled, Roma is a fragrance I can imagine myself wearing quite often. In other words, I am very pleased.

The opening was temperamental on my skin. The citrusy blend of pink grapefruit and bergamot, in addition to black currant and mint, smelt a little sweaty on my skin. It wasn't like the scent of bad body odour, but more like the way one smells after applying a sweet-scented deodorant and doing a tense workout at the gym.

Honestly, I felt so disappointed and put off by the initial 'sweaty' opening, that I had little hopes of Roma improving. Much to my surprise, Roma transformed into a smooth, slightly musky and spicy scent, which was vastly different from what I had previously experienced.

I find Roma to be perfectly balanced and well executed. It can sometimes be a little difficult to describe the way it smells, but I will try my very best. The pink grapefruit accord lingers, providing an element of juicy freshness throughout, while a musky blend of amber, oakmoss, patchouli and vanilla create a sense of warmth and sensuality. It may sound corny, but Roma, at least in my opinion, smells like a sophisticated Italian.

The sillage is quite strong, followed by excellent longevity. I never see this fragrance in Australia, but I do hope it's still being sold overseas. The packaging could do with some updating, but other than that, the scent should remain unchanged. Roma is, when summed up the Italian way, bellissimo!

Originally written: July 11, 2012.

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Before smelling Bellodgia, I had no idea that it contained one of my favourite floral notes, carnation. Perhaps I read it somewhere beforehand but I had quickly forgotten, so this fragrance served as a nice surprise.

Like most Caron fragrances, Bellodgia has that distinctive classic appeal. While wearing this fragrance, you are guaranteed to feel elegant and refined, almost like a Queen decked out in an array of exquisite jewels.

The carnation accord is rather strong, supported by the smallest hint of heavenly jasmine. Essentially, Bellodgia is the scent of a beautiful woman. All women should feel compelled to try it.

Although quite floral and powdery at first sniff, an additional element of spiciness, (provided by the cloves and vanilla), prevent Bellodgia from becoming too predictable. I like this surprisingly sensual twist, as I believe it adds some extra appeal.

It's a little similar to Fragonard's Billet Doux, but perhaps a tad more intense and thick. In that regard, I can only advise that Bellodgia be applied with a light hand. I don't find the sillage 'too much', but then again, I love all the heavy hitters.

The lasting strength is wonderful. On clothes and coats, it remains a constant reminder of your last wearing. Even though I haven't had the opportunity to test the vintage formulation, this newer version is certainly not ordinary. I highly recommend.

Originally written: July 10, 2012.

There is something quite captivating about this flanker. I don't mind powdery scents, so to me, this fragrance is wearable and soft. It's the kind of scent that I feel comfortable spritzing on of a morning or wearing late at night.

Winter Flowers is such a poetic name. It conjures up images of snow, chilly winds and cloudy days. I'm experiencing one of those days as we speak, and I find Winter Flowers suitable for such weather. Although powdery and crisp, it also has an element of warmth.

Although a little similar to the original Flower by Kenzo, I wouldn't call them exactly alike. I found its predecessor a tad harsher and less friendly on the skin. Winter Flowers seems better suited to me and my chemistry.

The composition is mostly powdery florals, with an earthy patchouli undertone, keeping it grounded. Violet leaf and vanilla stand out the most on my skin, and are a wonderful combination. The only issue I had, was for a brief few minutes in the heart, Winter Flowers had a slight nail polish remover edge, but that thankfully vanished.

I think Winter Flowers would make an excellent fragrance for men as well, as the composition isn't strictly feminine. The powder actually has a slightly dirty quality, which I personally like.

The sillage and longevity are excellent. Many complain about Winter Flowers being too strong, well I can't say I feel the same. The projection is just about perfect for me. Just don't over-apply.

Originally written: July 10, 2012.

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I'm quite taken with this fragrance, but it's not as rosy as I thought it would be. In other words, I have fallen for its mossy and citrusy composition, which wears beautifully on my skin.

The opening is where the rose tends to shine through the most, in a slightly green and dewy way. However, it is short-lived, with crisp, watery citrus and a dank mustiness coming into play early on.

Rose Vert is a wonderful fragrance for Spring, as I find it to be both pleasantly refreshing and inoffensive. Honestly, I was a little disappointed by the lack of roses at first, but now since wearing it for a few hours, I'm not so bothered by the misleading name.

This is actually my first DSH fragrance. It's safe to say that I'm enjoying this first-time encounter. Rose Vert is a light, sparkly and fresh scent, that fills me with happiness. Although rather straight-forward in its approach, it has an element of smooth complexity, especially when the oakmoss accord becomes richer towards the drydown.

Oddly enough, my nose detects a subtle hint of citrusy gingerbread in Rose Vert. It may just be my mind playing tricks on me, but this little twist is fun and endearing.

The sillage although weak, is persistent. The same could be said of the longevity. I am thoroughly impressed, more so than I thought I would be. More people need to try this brand and this fragrance.

Originally written: 10 July, 2012.

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I used to think that the brand Clean made insipid and bland soapy fragrances, but since giving them a fair go, I have come to understand the beauty of a crisp and clean scent for everyday wear.

Heavy hitting fragrances can become tiring after awhile, and that's when a scent such as this one is highly appreciated. Clean Ultimate has unisex tendencies, with the dominant lavender accord giving this composition a slightly masculine edge.

Lavender has many soothing properties, so it's easy to feel comforted by wearing Clean Ultimate. It's casual, clean and smooth. I find it inoffensive and versatile enough to be worn all year long.

Some may complain about the linear composition, but for something so soapy and delicate, I don't know why you'd want it any other way. I personally believe that the simplicity works a treat.

I do happen to adore the scent of lavender and musk, so Clean Ultimate suits me to a tee. The only disappointing factor, was its lack of lasting strength. It lasted a meagre two hours on my skin.

I'm giving it the thumbs up despite the longevity issue, and I whole-heartedly recommend it, especially if you enjoy the somewhat unique Clean Warm Cotton as well.

Originally written: July 09, 2012.

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Cartier De Lune is a lovely, fresh fragrance. I am quite stunned by how elegant and soft it feels on the skin. It wears well during all seasons, but I prefer it much more during the heat of the day.

The rose accord in Cartier De Lune is light and watery in the opening, further complimented by a distinctive pink pepper note. It reminds me of a softer version of Annick Goutal's Rose Splendide.

The heart is a beautiful and crisp blend of rose, lily of the valley and honeysuckle. While the composition may be generic and predictable, I happen to find this simplistic blend wearable and very pleasing. I find anything complicated absolutely unbearable in the heat of Summer, so this fragrance is perfect.

I can't say that I can smell too much in the way of the juniper berries or the cyclamen. I do however detect a heavy dose of musk, sandalwood and pink pepper in the drydown, which turned out to be much nicer than I expected it to be.

All in all, this is a wonderful new release from the house of Cartier. I used to think that their classics had all the charm, but I'm happy to discover that their modern releases are just as delightful.

Both the longevity and sillage of Cartier De Lune were impressive, especially for that of an EDT. Don't be deterred by the mediocre packaging, this is an excellent fragrance that deserves more praise.

Originally written: July 08, 2012.

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I love the scent of a fresh bouquet of lilies, however when perfumers try to replicate the scent of flowers in nature, they often fail. Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia for once, has surprisingly captured the sunny and refreshing qualities of a bunch of lilies, and for that I'm truly grateful.

To my nose, Lys Soleia isn't a strict soliflore. It actually relies quite heavily on the tropical fruit accords to add some sweetness and vitality to the composition. The lily note smells honeyed and feminine for the most part, which I really find myself enjoying.

Many have some negatives things to say in regards to the most recent Aqua Allegoria releases. Well, I don't understand what they're getting at, I've enjoyed both this fragrance and last year's Jasminora immensely. I consider them two of the best Spring appropriate white florals in the last few years.

Due to this fragrance's brightness, I'm reminded of beautiful Summer days spent in a country garden. Most lily based scents are dewy and green, but this little wonder is like a ray of sunshine; yellow, powdery and honeyed. I'm surprised that honey isn't listed in the official scent pyramid.

Lys Soleia is a sure crowd pleaser. It's also pleasantly soft and discreet, as to never offend those in close proximity. This scent makes me feel joyful and lively. There's nothing more appealing than a floral that dances on your skin, refreshing you on the hottest of days. I'll be sure to keep Lys Soleia in mind when Summer is in full swing later this year. I have a feeling that Lys Soleia and I will be good friends.

Originally written: July 08, 2012.

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I believe I have finally stumbled upon my favourite Amouage. Memoir Woman is a stunning and bold fragrance, which makes me feel like an Egyptian Goddess decked out in the finest yellow gold.

People will smell you coming from a mile away. Memoir Woman has intense sillage, that leaves the most intoxicating trail. I love turning heads, so this fragrance is very appealing to my nose. I wouldn't wish for it to be delicate or soft. The louder, the better.

The rose accord shines through quite strongly on my skin, followed by shiny leather, incense and spicy cloves. There's something a little naughty about this fragrance, something that hints that Memoir Woman is a perfume intended to be worn by 'bad girls'.

Putting all morals aside, Memoir Woman is incredibly sexy and rich. Men will find it hard not be captivated by the woman who wears this. Some fragrances work as a confidence booster, and this is one of those. I feel powerful and in control while wearing Memoir Woman. It's a scent that I'll always find myself coming back to, time and time again.

Memoir Woman is rather complex in terms of composition. There are some sweet, syrupy nuances throughout, brought about the zesty mandarin orange, rose oil and white floral blend. Leather, spices and incense tend to drag this fragrance over to the 'dark side', giving it that mysterious aura.

Although classified as a chypre, it also has some strong oriental tendencies. If there was ever a genre called, 'oriental chypre', Memoir Woman would be number one in that category. The sillage is powerful, so spray with caution. The same can be said in terms of the longevity as well. In conclusion, this fragrance may not suit everyone's tastes, but it is worth a try even if it is not to your liking.

Originally written: July 08, 2012.

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Just when I thought that Amouage Dia for Women had nailed the aldehyde category, along comes Amouage Gold to 'wow' me even more. This smooth and classic blend deserves every inch of praise.

It may smell classic and powdery to some, however I find this fragrance quite sensual and feminine on the skin. I'm a huge fan of aldehydic florals, Lanvin's Arpege and Chanel No.22, are just a few examples of what I enjoy. Amouage Gold is similar in both style and approach to the two fragrances I mentioned above, however it does stand on its own two feet. The beautiful, smoky vibe created by the silver frankincense, spices up the composition and adds more dimension.

It's quite a powerful scent, one that can be overwhelming at times. I like that it's on the strong side of things, however I make sure my application is light or settled before going anywhere public.

The myrrh and frankincense accords come through quite strong in the heart and drydown, really establishing its exotic roots. This is not a refined and proper floral aldehyde, but a fragrance with a rougher personality and a hint of aggressiveness.

There is an element of maturity conveyed throughout this fragrance which might make Amouage Gold a little difficult for the younger masses to wear. It also has a tendency to turn quite skanky in the drydown, which I personally don't mind, however I know some may find this sudden twist a little shocking.

In terms of longevity, you will be impressed. On a chilly Winter's night, this fragrance clouds you in its scent. Even after a shower, Amouage Gold is faintly present. I whole-heartedly recommend this fragrance, but do be warned that it is powdery and intense.

Originally written: July 08, 2012.

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Molinard is a house that has always mystified me, especially in regards to having so many beautiful, yet hidden fragrances. Vanille Patchouli, as part of their Oriental range, deserves to be found.

Vanille Patchouli is sensual, unique and rich. A sales assistant suggested this fragrance to me a week ago, based upon my love for anything oriental in nature, with earthy or sweet notes combined. This fragrance fits the bill perfectly.

If you're a big hater of patchouli, you may be able to tolerate it in Vanille Patchouli. I find the sugary vanilla accord rather dominant on the skin, causing the patchouli to be less earthy and more subtle. While not overly sweet, this fragrance does have an element of sugary sweetness that you'll either love or detest.

Other than vanilla, there's a strong caramel accord throughout, which I personally find quite addictive and alluring, but I know some have an issue with this caramel blend. I would recommend Vanille Patchouli for those that crave a sweet oriental on the verge of a gourmand. Although difficult to describe, the sweet and foody aspects are certainly evident in this composition.

Vanille Patchouli is a unisex fragrance from beginning to end. As a woman, I really enjoy wearing it, but I know that I'd find it equally as pleasing on a man's skin too. Some men are shy when it comes to wearing vanilla scents, so I think this fragrance would be a great excuse to start wearing them, or at least to ease yourself into other unisex vanillas.

On a cold Winter's night, Vanille Patchouli provides that warmth that I crave. With such an inexpensive price tag, this rarity should be snapped up while it's still hot. I adore this one, and suggest the entire Molinard range if you want quality with a unique twist.

Originally written: July 07, 2012.

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