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I'm really impressed with this L'eau par Kenzo flanker. Although an aquatic, L'eau 2 Kenzo for Her has a sweet juicy quality which smells really fun and invigorating on the skin.

There aren't many similarities between this flanker and the original. I'm really enjoying the sweet bursts of lemon and pear, followed by some gloriously feminine florals. Freesia provides a clean base, while the rose and lotus, in turn, create an element of girlish charm.

L'eau 2 Kenzo for Her is the perfect choice for Spring and Summer, and will be a sure hit with the younger segment of the population. To be completely honest, I didn't expect too much prior to testing this flanker, so I have been more than pleasantly surprised. I would most certainly wear this.

Due to its flirtatious and candied sweetness, some may consider this fragrance a tooth-ache. I actually don't mind it, and that's partly because this fragrance settles in a way that is soft and discreet, rather than loud.

The drydown is a subtle blend of sweetened florals, white musk and cedar. I think the composition as a whole, has been well executed. Even the sales assistants have been raving over the new L'eau 2 Kenzo for Her.

In terms of longevity, I'd have to say that it really does last, a lot longer than you may expect. I assume that this could be a limited edition, or even the 2012 answer to a Summer release. Either way, snap it up now or be sorry.

Originally written: July 07, 2012.

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Aldehydes can sometimes be seen as dated, especially if they come across as powdery and/or soapy. Not everyone is a fan of floral aldehydes and I do understand that, although I'm the first to defend them if any 'old lady' references come into the mix. Amouage Dia pour Femme is a floral aldehyde, being very classic in its approach. You'll either love it or loathe it.

Dia is a scent that exudes class and sophistication. It's one of those fragrances that you'd expect to find a successful woman with a string of pearls and black, shiny high heels wearing. It's definitely not a fragrance for the shy or the teeny-boppers.

Some have noted comparisons between Chanel No.5 and Dia. I can see what they're getting at, but I don't entirely agree. Dia is less clean and more musky in terms of composition. The turkish rose oil accord settles quite strongly on the skin, providing a richer and heavier dimension.

On my skin, Dia tends to smell soapy and sharp, but not in a way that is unpleasant. The longer I wear it, the more I begin to enjoy it. If I had to compare Dia pour Femme to any other fragrance on the market, I would say that it's very much like YSL's Rive Gauche.

What fascinates me the most about Dia's composition is the soft, clean and refreshing aldehydic opening, counteracted by the somewhat damp, animalistic and musky drydown. All in all, this fragrance has been well executed.

The sillage is fairly strong, however the longevity didn't live up to my expectations unfortunately. After five hours of wear, I can barely smell Dia pour Femme, and that's a shame.

Originally written: July 07, 2012.

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I'm loving this flanker, far better than the original. It's a beautiful vanilla and orange blend, with many qualities reminiscent of Dior's Hypnotic Poison. I personally consider it a sure crowd pleaser.

On the skin, Armani Code Luna is smooth, soft and enchanting. I wore a small spritz on the back of my hand while testing it last night, and my boyfriend's reaction towards it was priceless. Let's just say that men find this scent quite alluring on a woman's skin.

Even though the scent pyramid is a little similar to the original Armani Code for Women, this softer and more powdery version makes this combination more successful, at least in my opinion. What I love the most about Armani Code Luna is the gorgeous bitter orange note, somewhat syrupy in quality, blended with the vanillary and rich tonka bean. Amazing is all I'm saying.

I have my fingers crossed that this won't become yet another short-lived limited edition. If Giorgio Armani were willing to give it a chance, I'm certain that two years down the track, Armani Code Luna would be one of their best sellers.

So far, this fragrance wears surprisingly well, with moderate sillage and great longevity. I would happily wear this fragrance on a cold Winter's day or even to a semi-formal outing in a fancy bar. At present I'm undecided as to whether or not it works well during Summer.

It didn't take long for me to add this fragrance to my wishlist, and I'm sure it won't take long to buy it either. I'm quite hooked, and that's a rarity, especially in terms of today's new releases. This is one recent flanker that has made me sit up and take notice.

If a smooth citrus-vanilla is what you crave, by all means, give Armani Code Luna a try. The fact that Megan Fox is the face of this new fragrance should be enough to convince anyone that this is a sensual and beautiful little number.

Originally written: July 06, 2012.

2 Awards
First things first, (I feel that this needs to be addressed), Amouage Jubilation is a slightly green and mossy fragrance, falling ever so smoothly into chypre territory. Don't be fooled by the scent pyramid, which suggests that Jubilation may be a heavy oriental on the skin.

I've come to enjoy wearing Jubilation for Her over time. It wasn't love at first sniff that's for certain, but it does have a fascinatingly unique aura that is quite captivating to say the least. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

I can see why some liken Jubilation to Guerlain's Mitsouko. They are similar in many ways, from the mossy opening, to the dusty incense drydown. I like both of them equally, however I find Jubilation a little less consistent in terms of fragrance development.

I'm surprised to find that Jubilation has moderate to soft sillage. I really expected this one to be a heavy hitter. I'm not sure whether I'm disappointed by this or grateful. I personally think Jubilation wears better in slightly warmer weather, where the rose and myrrh are most prominent on the skin.

I swear that I can smell a hint of sparkling aldehydes, especially in the opening and heart of this fragrance. I agree with Leesee's reference to fine champagne, it has a definite hint of that too. Perhaps it is the lemon accord counteracting with the myrrh to give it that rich and tarty finish.

Whether or not it meets your expectations, you have to admit that it's both unique and long lasting. Discreet but forever surprising, Amouage Jubilation is a fragrance I greatly admire and one that will keep me intrigued for many hours. I recommend.

Originally written: July 06, 2012.

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I stumbled upon a partially used bottle of Ombre Rose Fraiche on Ebay a few years back and seeing that nobody was bidding, I managed to snap up a bottle of this discontinued scent for next to nothing. Over the course of a few summers I used Ombre Rose Fraiche frequently, delighting in its fresh, crisp interpretation of the original Ombre Rose.

Ombre Rose Fraiche is predominantly dewy pink roses, green melon and sweet lily of the valley on my skin. The melon note can sway you either way, you either love it or loathe it. I think it's the very first time I've come across such a fruity rose scent.

Jean Charles Brosseau released this fragrance with the sole intention of marketing it to fans of the popular original, Ombre Rose. However Ombre Rose Fraiche is not similar to Ombre Rose in any shape or form. I think this may have partly been the reason why Ombre Rose Fraiche was such a short-lived, rarely spoken of flanker. Perhaps this scent was too daring, and that's possibly why I enjoy it so much. Ombre Rose Fraiche smells like a niche rose to my nose, not unlike scents from the house of Les Parfums de Rosine.

The only unfortunate aspect of Ombre Rose Fraiche was its tendency to turn fast, although I stored it correctly away from light and heat. I don't expect to ever stumble upon a bottle of this fragrance in my lifetime ever again.

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Call the boys up, I've found my sexy scent. How anyone can call this fragrance revolting is beyond me.

Boudoir is the perfect name for this fragrance. When I smell this scent I picture an antique bedroom, pink satin sheets and flickering candles. Sensual and sweet on the verge of naughty. The rumour is that Dita Von Teese wears this, and I find that highly probable.

I haven't felt the desperate need to acquire a bottle of perfume in quite some time, but Boudoir has recently given me that urge. I can't help falling head over heels for her. Not an overrated fragrance at all.

I adore the scent of carnation, vanilla, tobacco and baby powder, so this fragrance has successfully managed to combine all my loves into one magnificent blend. Boudoir has a unique, classic approach, sort of like a scent from a by-gone era. It also reminds me of the absolutely breathtaking Billet Doux by Fragonard.

A man or lover with modern tastes, may take some time to become acquainted with Boudoir, but if you are as equally as captivating as this fragrance, I can guarantee that he'll be dreaming of you and your scent for days. Be daring enough to cast a spell in more ways than one.

While not overpowering, Boudoir does have fantastic projection. Applying with a light hand is the key to wearing this fragrance in a classy manner. Don't be fooled into thinking that Boudoir is a scent reserved only for those more intimate moments, I for example, will wear this fragrance pretty much anywhere, provided that the weather is cool outside.

Boudoir lingers on the skin the whole day, and lasts even longer on clothes. I'm kicking myself that I've avoided this fragrance these last few years after reading a few negative reviews. Negative observations aside, this fragrance needs to be experienced.

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This is a positively gorgeous fragrance. Vanilla and orchid have never gone so well together. Orchidee Vanille is easily one of my favourite vanilla scents, and that's saying a lot.

The vanilla in this fragrance tends to be sweet and velvety, also light and fluffy at certain times. The orchid adds that hint of gourmand, which I find rather addictive. In the opening there's an interesting green freshness, which is soon smoothed out by a sugary and intense vanilla accord.

Some reviewers have noted a hint of chocolate and even caramel, which I can faintly smell too, so that's more of an incentive to classify Orchidee Vanille as a gourmand. Either way you look at it, this fragrance is pleasantly sweet but never overpowering.

Even though Orchidee Vanille is a fairly expensive release, I personally think it's worth it, but only if it agrees on your skin. Applying it with a light hand is also fairly important, as I find a little goes a long way.

Vanilla and gourmands go hand in hand in terms of what I like. The sweetness doesn't bother me, and neither does the musky drydown. I actually find this fragrance quite soothing and pretty on my skin, and wouldn't hesitate to wear it all year long. There's something about Van Cleef & Arpels' fragrances. They have this somewhat magical aura that draws me in.

If you like anything that smells sweet and gooey, and are at present seeking an upmarket perfume that fits the bill, Van Cleef & Arpels Orchidee Vanille is the perfect choice. I highly recommend.

Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine is a beautiful and cosy fragrance. Just like an expensive cashmere robe, the scent is warm, luxurious and soft. It has turned out to be a lot better than I originally expected.

I really like the concept behind this series, and I think the name is well-suited to this fragrance. The vanilla and jasmine go together perfectly, with a smooth muskiness that somewhat resembles another cashmere inspired fragrance, Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist.

Although casual and relaxed, Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine could be worn just about anywhere. I personally find it to be rather sensual, so wearing it on a romantic date is not out of the question.

The vanilla in this fragrance is not sweet, but more smooth and cuddly. Without smelling like soap, Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine does have a slightly clean quality, which is pleasant rather than offensive. I think many will enjoy this subtlety.

So far, this is my favourite Victoria's Secret fragrance. I am so very disappointed that it has since been discontinued. I do hope that it's still available both online and on Ebay. It was one crazy move to get rid of this fragrance, even if it wasn't a best seller.

The sillage is intimate, however the longevity is good. If you're like me and enjoy the scent of vanilla and/or jasmine, then you're sure to be impressed. The two dominant accords have been blended beautifully in a way that is both breath-taking and wearable.

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I quite like this little rose interpretation by L'Occitane. Although the rose note is dominant, it's not a soliflore. Other interesting notes that make up this fragrance's composition are, powdery violets, smooth heliotrope and musty cedarwood.

I've come to love this fragrance due to its rather subtle nature. Some rose scents tend to be overpowering, but this fragrance keeps it soft and simple. It smells feminine and fresh on the skin, with a slight Spring-like aura, which makes it suitable for those beautiful, sunny days.

Some reviewers have noted a fruity accord which tends to compliment the rose throughout. I'm not so certain that it's fruits or citruses that I smell, but more likely the crisp roses creating a somewhat tarty finish on the skin.

The heart and drydown are both clean but one-dimensional, with soft roses and slightly powdery violets on a rich cedar base. You won't be blown away by Eau de 4 Reines, but you should be pleased. The scent is certainly pleasant and refreshing.

I do enjoy wearing Eau de 4 Reines for the most part, although I must admit that occasionally I desire something a little more complex. For days when I struggle to choose what to wear, Eau de 4 Reines is a good and safe choice. The sillage and longevity are average, but definitely not disappointing. I'm happy that I've tried this one.

Sexy Little Things Ooh La La is a rather fun and flirty fragrance. To be completely honest, I'm not always in the mood to wear a scent like this, but whenever I have a sweet craving, this fragrance becomes a guilty pleasure.

Sweet, sugary vanilla with a touch of pulpy mandarin orange, pretty much sums up this fragrance and the way it smells on my skin. If you don't mind the occasional toothache you get from something so sweet and gooey, then Sexy Little Things Ooh La La is perfect for you.

Although a tad linear, this composition is not all that bad. I like its feminine and frivolous approach. Funnily enough, while wearing this fragrance today I had a sudden craving for a strawberry flavoured milkshake. I believe it was the scent's doing, as I'm not one to have those sudden food cravings.

To my nose, Sexy Little Things Ooh La La is a vanilla gourmand. Many will find this fragrance sexy, perhaps even being a hit with most men. It's nothing totally unique, but still captivating. The vanilla accord is light and fluffy, the way vanilla should be.

In terms of anything sweet, I find this fragrance tolerable. It will ultimately appeal to the younger segment of the population, however I think older women might enjoy wearing this one too. The sillage is fairly strong, and the longevity, although a little temperamental at times, lasts a fair while. I'm quite surprised, in a good way.

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