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MlleghoulMlleghoul 3 days ago
Good Girl Gone Bad (Perfume) - Kilian

Good Girl Gone Bad (Perfume) Hide the evidence babe
If you have ever entered a hotel room immediately after the cleaning service has come and gone, then you are familiar with the scent of Juliette Has a Gun’s Good Girl Gone Bad. It is the powerful chemical cleaning agent miasma of grotty...

MlleghoulMlleghoul 5 days ago
33 Abyssae - L'Artisan Parfumeur

33 Abyssae She's a rose thinking serious things in silence
L'Artisan Abyssae is exciting for me in that I do believe I have found another rose that I can tolerate. The camphoraceous aspect of the eucalyptus reigns in that effusive, extravagant jamminess of the rose and lends...

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Salt Salt - Ellis - 6 days ago
What even is the point of this? This is the "live laugh love" of fragrance.
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MlleghoulMlleghoul 21 days ago
A Tea Rose, Any Rose
My mother was a complicated piece of business. That reads more harsh than what I meant to write, and I am feeling kindly disposed this morning, so perhaps I will amend that to say that my feelings about my mother are the real complications here. When I was eleven years old, I couldn’t fathom saying such a thing. My mother was this amazing, radiant being; she was like unto... More
MlleghoulMlleghoul 24 days ago
A Witch's Workbench
A friend assured me recently that the chaos in my perfume cabinet was not, in fact, a hot mess and a poor reflection of my character–but instead that it was pretty cool and it reminded her of a witch’s workbench. Actually… she only voiced the latter half of that thought, and so I’m choosing to extrapolate the rest of the sentiment because she’s a thoughtful person and that’s... More