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Moe96Moe96 2 years ago
Club de Nuit Intense Woman - Armaf

Club de Nuit Intense Woman NO! this is not unisex or in any way masculine
This is a perfume for women it smells like women and a man can't wear this it just isn't masculine Like at all!!!!! Smells good though nothing special but good Lasts 8+ hours and perfoms above average but not beasty

Moe96Moe96 2 years ago
Bentley for Men Intense - Bentley

Bentley for Men Intense Not for everyone!
This is a good cologne It smells really expensive and last quite a while BUT it is somewhat overrated If we compare it with sauvage in terms of longevity and sillage it is not as good Sauvage lasts longer and has a bigger scent cloud So longevity...


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