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Mojtabaa 6 years ago 3

Marlboro cigarette packets and Frankincense
Amouage Journey Man is my first serious adventure in niche frags world.
In a short phrase it smells of "Marlboro cigarette packets + a typical arabian theme (olibanum-based).*

The opening of this frag is very exciting and high quality with fresh notes of bergamot and neroli, softened by a soft cardamom note.The pepper note is not too much, just a hint of it is sensible. The juniper is also very well represented without too much sour smell.

The dominant notes in this frag are Tobacco and incense. They're present from the beginning till end.

The opening of Journey is the best part of it. Then as time passes, top citrus notes disappear and it becomes more bitter and a bit dark.

The drydown is somehow smokey and bitter. Tonka, leather and musk are hardly noticeable. There is something unknown to me in the drydown, I think it is Cypriol. But again that arabian theme annoys me here in the drydown.

Generally speaking, Journey Man is not a bad fragrance specially if you like tobacco and incense-based frags, of course plus a typical arabian theme. If you don't have any problem with that theme that's an ok frag.

* By that arabian theme I mean a typical smell found in many classic arabic perfumes which is the result of the combination of musk and some arabian spices, frankincense(olibanum), mastique and ... .
I'm pretty sure there is at least one of the above notes in Journey that is not mentioned in the pyramid of notes.

However, in my humble opinion, it doesn't worth to pay 160-170$ for it.
You can find better tobacco-based or incense-based frags with far less prices and good qualities as well.

Update: Journey has a strong note of olibanum not listed in Basenotes and Fragrantica but it's listed here correctly.
That typical and simillar arabian theme I told you about, is due to olibanum(frankincense).

Mojtabaa 6 years ago 2

Confectionery store
The first thing that came to my mind after applying Caravelle Epicee was the scent of a confectionery store.
Caravelle Epicee has a dominant note of nutmeg which is warm, spicy and rather sweet. All other notes evolves around it. There's a beautiful creamy sandalwood note very well-blended with amber and coriander. The whole composition is masterfully formulated. It has a feminine vibe to me reminding a kind of lipsticky and soft winey note.
I wish it had more longevity.
It can be very appealing and sensual to younger guys in the mood of modern metrosexual scents but it's not my cup of tea.