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MombiMombi 5 years ago
Anther (2015) - Criminal Elements

Anther (2015) Sun-kissed leather.
Anther opens on my skin with a dry blast of bitter orange, dusty, sweet cocoa, and hot, dry, leather. The leather sings from the very beginning, and presents as warm, dry and sweet. Like an old leather jacket sitting in the sun. Warm, comforting...

MombiMombi 5 years ago
Hearth (2015) - Criminal Elements

Hearth (2015) Burning antiques.
On my skin Hearth opens with a nuclear blast of sharp frankincense and sweet honey. Within minutes the prickly cedar/cade smoke floods in and the whole shebang becomes a glorious, sweet wood smoke. Like someone's burning antique furniture. ...


ApiciusApicius 5 years ago
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