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Mozart1756 5 months ago 3

Edp or edt? Please choose the edt!
Have to admit = I hate eau de parfum version. And ++ ITS NOT CROWD PLEASER. I dont know any single woman use this around of me. + why I hate? Because grapefruit + patchouli combo. That start was terrible and my nose cant stand. Luckily this edt is better to my nose. No weird starting like edp. Yes very citrusy at start, drydown = maleish scent. But I think PATCHOULİ dose isnt very much like edp. Male style drydown comes from = patchouli and vetiver! (I dont like dominant vetiver too, lol but here its ok) Also here citruses are not so sour, bad style. While its better version heard Its discontinued, WHY Chanel!? You MUST discontinued the edp one. I only saw in 1 shop edt and tester. Males can use too.

Mozart1756 5 months ago 2

Sour grapefruit
Looking for sour realistic passionfruit or grapefruit smell? You dont need to look any further! Here is Aqua allegoria passiflora! I had mini cologne version coming with my ysl black opium edt. So my comments based on mini version. Not pyramidal scent, more linear type. Also not complex, so basic style. Zesty sour grapefruit and bit passionfruit. Season= much more spring and summer days. Hot climate.

Mozart1756 6 months ago 3

Citrusy opening soft floral. Crowd pleaser.
First of all, I dont like og comme une evidence much. Why? It has oakmoss in drydown and gives weird and bad affect to smell. Leau version is much more pleasent for my taste. No rhubarb, no oakmoss. Not in listed notes but I feel violet leaf in it too like the og. ( I love violet and violet leaf notes in scents). The opening= citrusy but not so sour or bad quality. And then lilly of the valley jasmine type white floral scent but not ''mature, grandma'' for the most of people. Age= its suitable for all age women. I can imagine highschool girl or 65 age grandmother using it. Sillage= not good quickly skinscent. Longevity = err also not good too you need to spray more and more if you want good longevity. I dont find it any spicy or chypre.

Mozart1756 7 months ago 3

Green floral powdery unisex. Prada=The powder empire
Worthy piece from brand. I think that scent start the idea of= '' Powdery scents are mass appealing and compliment getters. '' in Prada brand. It has citrusy feeling but that lasts short time. (according to fragrantica =neroli but here listed as orange blossom) also from the opening galbanum, pistachio leaf gives green feeling. The heart notes are skeleton of scent(iris, vetiver, cedar). İris makes Infusion D'iris powdery and baby oily baby shampoo type with vetiver and cedarwood. Prada did good job. Profile of smell is certainly unisex. Then they released new ones with different names but %80 similar type. (Infusion d'homme, Infusion d'iris absolute...)

Mozart1756 7 months ago 2

I hate that patchouli
I dont know why fragrance brands follow that stupid trend=yuk, cheap, sweet?, bad quality patchouli. First Of all, I really enjoyed Lady million edp When I had. It was my highschool days mostly. It was fruity, luxurious, sweet, floral feminine thing. But... The flankers? I only like Lady Million lucky in them(Prive, Empire, Lucky). Lady Million doesnt need any more flanker, please paco rabanne... + That Empire writing is really irritating for fingers when you spray. Smell profile = patchouli in a bad way. I didnt smell any cherry plum?? , magnolia, osmanthus, cognac, orange blossom. Empire gives you overly synthetic feeling. I like flankers. But perfume world became crazy. They pop up everyday new day a new flanker. Thats exhausting. WHO CAN LİKE THİS? Armani İn Love with you freeze, Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Lancome la vie est belle leau de parfum, Azzaro Wanted Girl users lovers can like.

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