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Mozart1756 9 months ago 5

Sweet, flirty, red grape juice dances with patchouli
I have to admit= In my first try I didnt like it. Maybe I tried too much scents in that day so thats the reason. Also Im not '' patchouli fan''. I generally disslike lots of patchouli dominant scents. (La vie est Belle edp, Chanel coco mademoiselle edp, Mugler Angel edp, Victor and rolf flowerbomb...) but here in Y.R. Patchouli is milder than the others. Yves rocher says it has tuberose in it but I cant smell or clearly say= oh it has %100 tuberose in it. Tuberose in here smells much more GRAPEY. People wrote Hubba Bubba bu we dont have it here. But I remember when I smell or drink RED GRAPE JUİCE I got same taste smell of So elixir purple's tuberose. Projection= dissappointing. I wait from these types of scents good at projection but it is not. Very bad sillage for vetiver/patchouli/ grapey floral. My fave part in So Elixir Purple= red grape juice effect. Sadly discontinued.

Mozart1756 9 months ago 3

Great unisex makes you alive with citruses!
Wow, I see parfumo people dont care this one. I have to say I HATE lots of Chanel scents in normal woman collection. Did I try? Yes. But they have ''weird'' combinations. I strongly hate coco mademoiselle edp and Chance edp especially. And people say = they are crowd pleaser?? I dont know anybody around me like them. So in Sephora's I pass Chanel line. One Day... Dont have much hope and tried this one. I didnt expect myself to like Chanel woman scent that much. And now... THATS THE CROWD PLEASER! (If a person not having problem with citrus smell) Opening =very bright /sunny /happy citruses. Middle= then bit cedarwood/teakwood. Its simple and can gain likes! My grandmother, mother, darling like too. Eau fraiche =means low concentration. So dont wait long times on skin/ clothes. But for that citrus aroma its good at longevity for me. (Also citrus things are bad at longevity) Its pretty unisex ;I can imagine male use. Right now its my 2nd fave Chanel scent in woman line.
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Lavender aroma masculine shaving cream
Today at Rossmann my mother wanted to smell it. Then she gave me the tester strip at home so Im writing this comment. Tabac is very old cologne. 1959? Wow. Must be reformulated, huh? Of course I dunno older versions but I can say its pretty much better at the drydown. Im not fan of the opening. But drydown = lavender dominant, soft, shaving creamy, musky, aromatic, camomile smell. Kinda like it, I think this is better for papa's, our or someone's fatherss. Mature but also soft. Gives me shaving cream, shaving cologne vibe. Oak? I dont smell it, dont find it wood woody scent so much. More soft.

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Floral thing but weird
Yes thats floral but it has oakmoss and that makes me sad. We dont get well along. Jasmine, rose part is ok but its no no for me because of oakmoss. Scent type =floral. Fave part = opening because of violet leaf. Violet leaf makes scent soft and powdery. Drydown= harsh bitter oakmoss and white musk. I have Leau version which is better, no oakmoss.

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Tropical holiday.
That scent is one of my faves in Yves Rocher brand. Really. Exactly. Also my fave in these bottles right now. We dont have Garden Party here yet. I have a bottle. I think not the best longevity and sillage but good feminine effect. Tuberose, ylang ylang, cardamom, sandalwood. These came together and did good job. Age? Suitable for a lot people. Terracotta Guerlain? Not similar. Eau de soleil blanc tom ford? No not similar there is no coconut, vanilla, bitter orange smell in Plein Soleil.

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