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Peony is okay, innocent floral effect.Start and middle notes, after almond tonka bean combo is weird, not so good guys.Same dna with t.d.l.
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Totally better than Naturelle. Much more floral. Lemony floral scent. Too light. I feel osmanthus. But why Yves rocher discontinued it?!
Erba Pura Erba Pura - XerJoff - 7 months ago
Ultimate mixed fruit bomb with bourbon vanilla and amber. Feminine side. Extreme longevity and sillage. Beast mode. Mixed fruit gum smell.
Fleur de Weil Fleur de Weil - Weil - 11 months ago
Lancome Tresor's style scent. +40 age women will like more than young generation. Gift from mother's mother. Peach, nectarine, some florals.
1 Word= TERRİBLE! So bad and weird. %10/15 or 0 rose feeling. Carnation, vetiver, amber, and very much mint! Overrated, superhyped!
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