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This is one sophisticated fragrance I've been blessed to own! It's an oriental woody blend of spices, INCENSE, patchouli & oud. I must add here that the oud isn't pronounced or the main player. It's just a wimpy dose, while the incense note is more pronounced.

SAND AOUD is now one of my fave fragrances from Mancera in my collection and currently ranks as #1 above AOUD VANILLE and CEDRAT BOISE which are #2 & #3 respectively! I strongly recommend this frag for those who want a "safe" or soft landing in oud perfumery! A masculine frag, but ladies who love oriental woody perfumes with ample dose of incense could also rock this! ????

2 Awards
One of my fave notes in modern day perfumery is LEATHER. It was on this pedestal, that curiosity got me and I blind bought Tiziana Terenzi's URSA. This leather-themed fragrance effortlessly bespeaks undisguised affluence, influence and elegance. It's strictly for men (and women) who exude unadulterated class, style and panache.

With notes of rhum, patchouli, tobacco, vetiver and oud, Ursa is versatile enough to be worn to office, church, red carpet, gigs, etc. It projects really well & is very long lasting! I love how this frag exhilarates me each time I wear it!