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  • A study in black
    A study in black
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IriniIrini 7 days ago
Thanks a million, thanks a lot:-)))
NugegeoNugegeo 20 days ago
Meow. Never! Never ever!
NugegeoNugegeo 61 days ago
Actually eggs are one of the few items whose smell I consider worse than OB. Thank you for noting the dodgy line between the OB and myrrh; my experience of Olibanum has actually been one of borderline revulsion at times, followed by relief/ self-congratulations for bypassing/ rising above said revulsion. A bit like eating sushi. So I'm still not sure if, once this 30ml is gone, I will invest in a FB.
NugegeoNugegeo 61 days ago
I wear it mostly in the evenings. My initial experience of it was unbridled, almost melodramatic hatred on account of the orange blossom (a note I loathe, being an orange blossom hater in the MFK "lets throw this shit into everything, people will adore us and buy it" era is a lonely job, so it is nice to meet a fellow hater), but afterwards I found myself sniffing my hand post-scrub (it stayed put even after a very determined scrubbing) and enjoying the myrrh very much. So I got a 30ml partial and have been surprised at how much I've used. Maybe a FB is on the cards in the future, who knows. Either way, I'll still always hate orange blossom, it's the anathema to a happy life.
NugegeoNugegeo 74 days ago
I think that's Björk's (it is Björk, a hairy Björk but still Björk) effect on most land mammals, birds, fish, inanimate objects, bread, and even stones. Everyone (and everything) hearts Björk.
NugegeoNugegeo 83 days ago
Ivana Tinkle, just a sec. ... Ivana Tinkle! Ivana Tinkle! Hey, everybody, put down your glasses. Ivana Tinkle!
NugegeoNugegeo 83 days ago
That photo's great. I regularly have surname envy; I envied a person whose second name was Babe (Dr. Babe), also Beard (Dr. Beard). I also noted (but personally have not coveted) the surname belonging to a producer on the Netflix show "Once" (upon a time) who goes by the name of Brian Wankum. But the best one (or most nerdish) and one I am almost certain was down to a change of name (because nobody could be that cool) was a Professor of Mathematics called Prof. Möbius. Oh how I coveted that surname.
NugegeoNugegeo 83 days ago
What can I say, the mind just goes there. The Alan Cumming photo is also top notch. With a name like that, the man was born to have his own fragrances.
NugegeoNugegeo 83 days ago
Now I can check "Start a conversation that begins with the phrase 'speaking of urinal cakes,' off my bucket list. ;-)
NugegeoNugegeo 83 days ago
Thanks for the comment Mr FJ. I tried to like it, but just can't rid myself of the "tinkle accident at gramma's" tea party association. Polite urine attack in the ladies lavender salon. ;-)