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MrGuerlainMrGuerlain 10 years ago
Angélique Encens (1933) - Creed

Angélique Encens (1933) Discontinued
Angelique Encens is one of the best fragrances ever created by the house of Creed. I would do a murder to get hold of a new bottle! I so love the deep ambery green notes in this fragrance. Unfortunately it has been discontinued.

MrGuerlainMrGuerlain 10 years ago
Ambre Cannelle - Creed

Ambre Cannelle Discontinued
Ambre Canelle from Creed has been discontinued recently. It is a typical Creed interpretation of raw materials with a very special twist. I like this one and I think it is very pitty that the fragrance will not be produced anymore.


Visit to Lubin Boutique...
Visit to Lubin Boutique...
Creed Boutique Paris
Creed Boutique Paris


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Hello MrGuerlain, welcome to Parfumo! I just added the Wim Janssens perfumes to the queue. They are now in approval and will be added to the database soon.
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