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RSPRSP 1 month ago
MrInfinite is among the finest members of Parfumo. Thank you. Rui
OlfactologyOlfactology 5 months ago
Thank you a lot for organizing the split/sharing. Received my Amouage today, great perfume.
Recommending this seller!
Bashke81Bashke81 5 months ago
Thanks for the deal and for the sample as well. Until next time👍👍
RSPRSP 7 months ago
It’s a pleasure to make deals with you. Perfect seller, helpful, and very kind person. Thank you.
Greetings from Portugal.
PaksipPaksip 10 months ago
Everything went smoothly, you were quick, helpful, kind and accurate. I have got my package this morning, it was well prepared and I got what I expected, what's more, even gift samples were waiting in the box. Thank you again! Highly recommend him.
LidahrigaLidahriga 2 years ago
Thanks for the great perfume and all the goodies too.
SpicyDiceSpicyDice 2 years ago
Wow, sehr beeindruckende und umfangreiche Sammlung!! :)
SibaritaSibarita 2 years ago
Thank you for the quick transaction! I'll repeat. Regards
KeleweKelewe 3 years ago
Thanks for the smooth transaction and excellent communication. I will always trade with you when possible. Cheers