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MrLimuzinMrLimuzin 5 months ago
Aloha / الوها (Eau de Parfum) - Khaltat / خلطات

Aloha / الوها (Eau de Parfum) Tropical getaway
So, this one comes in a fragrance, a pure oil, and oud wood chips perfumed with oil. I opted for the oud wood perfumed with Aloha. Absolutely wonderful for fragrance, relaxation, becomes like a ritual and you start looking forward to burning it again....

MrLimuzinMrLimuzin 5 months ago
The Spirit of Dubai - Diwan - Nabeel

The Spirit of Dubai - Diwan Exotic Gem
There is little that moves me nowadays in terms of olfactive art, pergaps with the exception of smouldering perfumed oud chips. I thought I'd reached the pinnacle with Roja Parfums, but then I ran into Spirit Of Dubai. And so, the limits are pushed further This...

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Does as good a job as (my all-time fave at one point in time) Roja Parfums Vetiver Parfum, for a fraction of the cost
Just going off the bottle sprayer and the tiniest dab on my hand, not a thorough test, but it reminds me of Roja Parfums Fetish Pour Homme
"Everything but the kitchen sink" number of notes, this scent rivals the best of anything you've smelled in terms of complexity and beauty
Spicy sawmill in a bottle
An uncommonly exceptional blend in a common (easy to find) fragrance. Tried-and-true, a classic masterpiece.
Chypre-Siam Chypre-Siam - Rogue - 6 months ago
Instantly reminiscent of the laundry fabric softener i get from Creed Feuille Verte. Didn't bother staying to see what else CS had to say.
Fougère L'Aube Fougère L'Aube - Rogue - 6 months ago
Creed Green Irish Tweed ¯ _(ツ)_/¯
I wish the formula for this would have taken a long walk down a short plank into shark infested waters before BDC ever came to fruition
Orange creamsicle, AHS got me into this hobby. Smells a bit synthetic nowadays. No longer an 'I love it,' but not a hate. Still relevant
Creed Windsor is truly unique. The most beautiful masculine rose. Never mind my top 5, this is in my top 3




MrLimuzinMrLimuzin 6 months ago
Non-stop pouring Chanel no 5 down de toilette
Steamrolling the banalities Bleu de Chanel & Dior Sauvage
Pissing on the pomp of Roja Parfums
Take with a grain of salt Creed 1760's history
Keeping a 10 mile radius from laundry detergent fragrances