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MrLimuzin 6 months ago 1

Tropical getaway
So, this one comes in a fragrance, a pure oil, and oud wood chips perfumed with oil. I opted for the oud wood perfumed with Aloha. Absolutely wonderful for fragrance, relaxation, becomes like a ritual and you start looking forward to burning it again. Slightly sweet, creamy, and tropical. Will take your imagination to Hawaiian nights of beautiful sunsets, beaches, surfing, frangipani flowers, etc. Sublime.

MrLimuzin 6 months ago 1

Exotic Gem
There is little that moves me nowadays in terms of olfactive art, pergaps with the exception of smouldering perfumed oud chips. I thought I'd reached the pinnacle with Roja Parfums, but then I ran into Spirit Of Dubai. And so, the limits are pushed further

This is one of those perfumes that makes me in awe of what I'm experiencing at the fragrance boutiques. I was running out of real estate on my skin but found room on my knee. Probably looked like an idiot walking the mall and stopping periodically, bringing my knee up to my nose again and again

There was a lot of fragrance to explore that day and I can't tell what exactly I was getting from Diwan, but within the first few minutes after application I was ready to buy it. Learning the price gave me pause and I decided I'd order a sample as samples are not sold in-store, only online, and I wouldn't want to hastily drop $1,000 USD for 90ml based on a first impression

I do know Diwan was the standout for me from the second generation perfumes of the brand, had me in awe, and i can't wait to thoroughly test it with a sample. This is one of those rare ones you stumble into that rekindles your fire for fragrance. Thank you Spirit Of Dubai / Nabeel :)

MrLimuzin 7 months ago 1

Big, Baroque
Perfumer's efforts are definitely commendable. It's an artwork.

I imagine Chypre Palatin is more for someone dressed to the nine's x10... high-end loafers, pants, silk button up shirt with that sheen when it catches light, house full of you-can't-afford-it baroque furniture.

Projects loudly in a persistent way, which, given how sweet it is, comes across like a nagging child.

From a technical standpoint it's art, just not a piece I'll bid on. Not sure if this really is a chypre, though. The ever-present amber glow could make one think it's an oriental.

MrLimuzin 7 months ago 1

Swindle Extraordinaire
This one has a sparkly effervescence. It also seems to draw elements from Diaghilev i.e. that very realistic oakmoss plus raunchy civet in the late dry down. Luckily the civet in Chypre Extraordinaire is a lot more tame.

Ultimately all Chypre Extraordinary is to me is a white floral with oakmoss & laudanum, supported with a light touch fruity peach and plum, with a civet lurking in the late drydown. 100ml, yours for $2,000 USD ?

From a distance I can already hear the owners of CE lamenting the $1,600 they overpaid

If you want a beautiful white floral backed + fruity, look no further than Roja Parfums' Tuberose and skip all this exclusivity nonsense.

Tuberose is a white floral that remains fruity and juicy, Chypre Extraordinaire is a white floral with some fruitiness but veers more dry & dusty due to the oakmoss, with some animalics in the late drydown.

The oakmoss and civet that you'll miss out on in Tuberose isn't worth the extra $1,475.
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MrLimuzin 7 months ago 1

Artisinal Cheese
If taken on the whole without dissecting and getting into notes, Oud Luban smells cheesy. As in you're shopping for artisanal cheese at the grocery.

This it is one of those wear-it-strictly-for-yourself-while-you're-at-home fragrances because

1) most people probably won't understand it
2) most people probably won't like it

Matter of fact, I'm still struggling to understand why anyone would want to smell like cheese. And yet, I don't dislike it.

Based on where my palette is currently at, it's a bit like an art piece I'm not yet sure I'd bid on it at the auction, but it's addictive in some peculiar way. Definitely exotic.

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