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Late drydown is detestable, the civet has it smelling like a dirty, unwashed hamster cage. On the whole this is overstuffed & suffocating.
Aoud Aoud - Roja Parfums - 7 months ago
Georgous drydown! Be patient...

Apparently the least best selling from the 3 main Roja Aoud's. Better than the best seller, Amber Aoud.
Tuberose Tuberose - Roja Parfums - 7 months ago
Beautiful, heady white floral + fruity peach and other supporting notes. Excellent!
Such a beautiful, bitter citrus. Sad that it lasts literally less than 10 minutes on my skin.. would need a drum of it.
Feuilles Vertes Feuilles Vertes - Creed - 8 months ago
There are laundry fabric softener sheets that smell exactly like this. This fragrance is strongly reminiscent of a laundromat. Pass.
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