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MrSkeetSkeetMrSkeetSkeet 6 days ago
ATH x FM - Smoulder - Aaron Terence Hughes

ATH x FM - Smoulder One of Aaron's best
Smoulder is a balanced, mysterious, masculine scent that I wear only for myself. It's perfectly balanced with woods, smoke, musk, sweetness, creaminess, a little citrus to give it some lift. I'm not a fan of all the mainstream designer fragrances,...

MrSkeetSkeetMrSkeetSkeet 12 days ago
Guapo - Aaron Terence Hughes

Guapo baby powder + ambroxan
I get extreme baby powder vibes from Guapo. Basically baby powder + ambroxan. The citrus top notes smell identical to the old Legend formulation (haven't tried the new). I've heard Aaron say that he thinks "men love the baby powder smell."...