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MrSkeetSkeet 2 months ago 1
baby powder + ambroxan
Aaron has become just like every other mainstream designer house, even though he's an independent indie perfumer. He is more interested in capitalizing off of trendy aroma molecules and making money than the actual art of perfume. This is why he has transitioned to using ambroxan and iso e super so much.

This fragrance is 100% baby powder vibes, with of course, synthetic & nauseating ambroxan.

The citrus top notes smell almost identical to the old Legend formulation (haven't tried the new).

I've heard Aaron say that he thinks "men love the baby powder smell." That may or may not be true... but I'm certainly not someone who wants to smell like baby powder.

This is his worst performing fragrance as well.

He's trying to put out synthetic mainstream designer scents at a higher price per ml than established houses. Honestly, not worth the money. Just go to your local department store and find a designer scent for less money.

Overall, a basic powdery, citrus, and ambroxan fragrance that doesn't last.
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