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20 months ago
Scent 8.5
Goodbye Piccadilly by 4160 Tuesdays

Goodbye Piccadilly„After the rain”
The idea that notes used were ones that were in use in 1914 and the mention of the suffragettes intrigued me. I love a good lavender so had to give this one a whirl. I’m so glad I did, the vibe I get from this scent is that of the smell of the pavement after the rain,...

21 months ago
Scent 9.0
Eat Flowers by 4160 Tuesdays

Eat Flowers„Sublime, woodsy iris”
This is sublime, it starts with a strong cut flowers aroma from the lily, white flowers and rose, then iris appears and dries down onto a woody base. It’s a limited edition which is a shame as it could quite easily become a wardrobe staple.

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Wonderfully refreshing, minty aroma entwined with the outdoors, fantastic silage and longevity, feeling like it’s spring already!+2
Dark, almost velvety rose, spiced with a subtle yet lingering presence, beautiful+2
GLORIOUS! Vanilla beautifully entwined with a realistic tobacco note, strong but not overpowering with fantastic longevity, top 10 material!+3
Beautiful incense, amber, woodsy aroma, natural, resinous ingredients that last very well, I was really impressed with the service too.+3

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3 years ago

Hi, I'm new to this site, I use Fragrantica and this site was recommended to me from a fellow perfume lover. I'm 37, in the u.k and have eclectic tastes in perfumery but love a good oriental :


Mrsg37Mrsg37 3 years ago
On Fragrantica they list a perfume by jean Monnet in their data base called " Follow me side by side" it's a russian brand and no one owns it on there and i can't find it in the data base here. I can't find where to buy it for love nor money! If anyone knows of this scent please drop me a line, i'd be really grateful, I suppose it will stay my " unicorn fragrance" :)