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MuratArabaciMuratArabaci 9 months ago
Albizia - Phaedon

Albizia My favorite Phaedon
So, I received my discovery kit from Phaedon a few days ago and since then, I have been trying them out one-by-one on paper - and then the ones I liked the most, on skin. So far, this one is my favorite, and that is why I thought I would review...

MuratArabaciMuratArabaci 1 year ago
Pomélo Paradis - Atelier Cologne

Pomélo Paradis So uplifting!
This is my number one favorite 'simple' citrus fragrance of all time. It is so simple, yet so beautiful and uplifting. The grapefruit is apparent but it is red - I know this sounds weird, perhaps just think of grapefruit and mandarins. A sweet and juicy...

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Spicy sweet bubblegum ish. Very pleasant scent. Performance seemed to be rather bad with about 4 hours of longevity before completely gone.
Absolutely no personality. Smells more boring than the average showergel fragrance. Not even Ralph is coming to this club.
Hero Hero - Burberry - 5 months ago
This is the result of political correctness, include everyone, exclude no one, made for anyone. SO BORING. I'd rather wear a scented lotion.
Sauvage Elixir Sauvage Elixir - Dior - 5 months ago
This is a banger that even EDT haters will end up buying. You can't deny it's success since release. Hated the EDT? Try this one instead!
Smoky version of Kilian - Love, with a little hints of butteriness when smelled up close.


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