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It's probably why its called "Electric", it's sharp, very citrus and bergamot notes stands on top. I love this, now this is rare so I will keep it to my forever collection.

This is identical to Charriol Sport for men, both have same color of bottle, except MJ cased with metal front and back but you can still see the sandwiched glass in the middle while Charriol is glass bottle. Both has decent staying power and yes its nice for daily wear.

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It's like being in a rain forest and smell the air in the morning before sunrise, where the air is damp and soil is moist.
If you like d'squared he wood collection, then you will like this one.

I would say that all AB perfumes is as described "Seductive", well yes, if only this comes in EDP version and the scent is this good. At least it is appealing, for the first half hour, after that the scent dissolves and faded away. For the price its cheap but guys needed more than just the price, I rather pay more and get this in EDP.

Lovely. A must have if you like sweet and smell good fragrance.
Despite its price, which is good, Zara makes pretty good fragrance for men and women. I don't mind looking at other men's collection from Zara.

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First time I smelled this, I imagined travelling first class and wearing this, somewhat very elegant, sets apart from other people are wearing. I feel very comfortable, relaxed and distinctive.

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It's intense alright, a blast of musk you're wearing and while standing in the crowds, one will go up to you and ask what is it you're wearing it smell so good. Probably like aged whisky barreled within oak wood. Upon releasing, it's smooth yet refined. This intense is like NR for him but the musk is stronger and very soft.
When you are wearing this, you won't go unnoticed.

This has never continued in production, I searched everywhere yet I found the new old stock. I was glad at first but when I got it out of the box, the liquid turns dark yellow which I remembered it was not like this back then (1991) when I first bought it. Apparently the scent turns me off, I believe the notes molecule has expired that's why perfume been kept for 20 years in shelves surely goes out of date. I'm not a nose but sensitive to scents.
Oh well, it's history and history don't repeat but this was really good iceberg for men.

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This was a treasure of the past, although it is no longer in production nor renewed it has always been unforgettable. There are however new old stock which I wouldn't buy because scent molecule isn't the same as it is then.