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MyNoseMyNose 8 months ago
Nuit de Feu - Louis Vuitton

Nuit de Feu Insensé galore!
What a beautifully dark and rich scent. The aptly named Fiery Night is a wondrous experience. It reminds me of a Moroccan bazaar. Incense is king in this fragrance. The longevity is great, it lasts the whole day and more. Same goes with projection,...

MyNoseMyNose 8 months ago
Orage - Louis Vuitton

Orage These two are a dream!
Combining Orage with Maison Margiela's Sailing Day is a dream combination. Throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised by the splashy aromas these two brought about. Wonderful combination. Additionally, the longevity of Orage is what's...


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