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3 years ago
Scent 8.0
Bracken Woman by Amouage

Bracken Woman„Once Upon a Time....during 60s”
Bracken starts like a joyfull fruity floral then changes to a floral green springtime scent, nice and easy to like/love, following the pathway of the last releases of Amouage. After some time it continues to change , flowers dissapear and I ' m getting...

3 years ago
Beyond Love by Kilian

Beyond Love„Beyond Love of Tubereuse”
This is probably the closest fragrance to the real flower , a lush and romantic tuberose on a sweet musky bed. It starts with a green vibe and has a lot of radiance but later on, as evolves on the skin, this tuberose shows also its dark side common for all tuberose...

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Begins with flashes of Honour w and Epic w but ends up in a supra realistic floral bouquet. Not for blind buy and quit atipic+4
Chanel No 5 a la Oncle Serge+4
A smooth, soft and much more feminine version of Tom Ford's best seller Tobacco Vanille in a beautiful Murano bottle.+4
"Menage a trois " between tangerine, amber and incense blessed by aroma chemicals(norlimbanol)+1
Salome is the four legged love child of Mitsouko and L Heure bleu born in a stable+4


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