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Once Upon a Time....during 60s
Bracken starts like a joyfull fruity floral then changes to a floral green springtime scent, nice and easy to like/love, following the pathway of the last releases of Amouage.
After some time it continues to change , flowers dissapear and I ' m getting a strong green chypre vibe together with that " walk in a dark humid forest" kind of smell courtesy of the base notes: patchouli , vetiver and birch. It s a potent, long lasting scent, very " flowerpower"

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Beyond Love of Tubereuse
This is probably the closest fragrance to the real flower , a lush and romantic tuberose on a sweet musky bed.
It starts with a green vibe and has a lot of radiance but later on, as evolves on the skin, this tuberose shows also its dark side common for all tuberose scents starting to play the Diva.
Beyond Love it a a modern interpretation of this flower note , away from Fracas and it’s quite easy to wear if you love this note otherwise if you want to start exploring tuberose scents is much safer to start with Do Son.

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Funny&Sunny Tubereuse
Pierre Guillaume take on this particular note is revealing an almost gourmand tropical interpretation of tuberose. It starts in the same green vibe, maybe much more intense than Beyond Love but very soon sweetness appears , sugar cane is to blame, turning this scent from floral to floral gourmand zone.
It gives also a summer vacation feeling due to that delicate coconut like smell that I detected and it does not have a strong dark side . In a few words it s a funny and sunny tuberose to take with you during summer vacation, Diva went to a tropical island.

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Tubereuse Like no Other
This original interpretation is more or less outside the territory of that intoxicating strong smell and is reaching the most green accord in a tuberose scent.
Probably It was not build to reflect the greenness of the flower but to give a peace message to tuberose haters, how can bergamot and pink pepper hit you in the face? This freshness starts to fade gradually after one hour evealing a sweet ambery white floral scent loaded with sensuality that easily cross the boarder into Oriental perfumery land.It’s quite airy and quiet for a tuberose being a scent that can make those hating Fracas to start giving a second chance to this note

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Soft Oud
This is a giant dark rose with incense having oud as background for the whole composition and a gourmand note build from coconut and vanilla easy to like for those who are not fans of gourmand scents. Actually, it’s a limited edition with oud of Lalibela, one of the scents from Memo Paris that didn ‘t catch me mainly due to the strong coconut and vanilla notes from the middle that ruined the dark rose and incense story. Bringing oud to this composition, a very soft and tender oud , was an excellent idea which made Lalibela Oud one of my favorite oud scents and the way this element was treated is quite similar with the oud interpretation in Mohur.

In the end I would like to mention a few other oud scent that can easily go into the “soft ouds” stable: Oud from MFK, Gold Rose Oudh from Tiziana Terenzi, Rose Anonyme from Atelier Cologne, Amber Oud By Kilian .

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