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NSkuNSku 8 years ago
Fi-Fi - de Nivel

Fi-Fi Elegance in a bottle
Floral with an astringency. Makes me think of hyacinth or tuberose or some other bulb flower but with no grassy element that would clarify or sharpen the scent. It is spicy and rich or deep with the background of astringency (from the aldehydes?)....

NSkuNSku 8 years ago
N°19 (Parfum) - Chanel

N°19 (Parfum) transformative experience
Correction: this is my feedback on No.19 Poudré EDP -- which I just discovered has its own page. Initially was somewhat reminiscent of Rive Gauche, however only picking up two voices, the sharp astringent underneath a creamy lily or tuberose...




NSkuNSku 8 years ago
Okay so I'm just trying out Shalimar today. I learned two things. When trying a new perfume, (10 spray it onto only ONE wrist, and (2) spray it on OUTSIDE!
CincyCincy 8 years ago
Waving to you, enjoy, and have fun. I will be looking forward to reading your posts.
NSkuNSku 8 years ago
Thank you for the kind welcome!
ApiciusApicius 8 years ago
Hello and welcome! I wish you a lot of fun!
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Welcome to Parfumo, USku. Nice of you to join us.