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01.06.2017 11:22 Uhr
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Presenting NadiaZ mission and the author

The NadiaZ mission is to celebrate and care for diversity in all forms of life – as diverse and unique as each one of us.

NadiaZ is an ethical and social company that supports the protection of biodiversity rather than overexploitation, mass production and unlimited growth. Its vision is to promote the creation of a virtuous circle where value is placed according to the scarcity and uniqueness of natural resource. Rare and sometimes threatened indigenous plant species are priviledged and valorized as ambassadors of their natural environment and the community managing it.

My name is Nadia Zuodar, I am the founder of NadiaZ, the most exclusive, premium ethical Natural perfume and cosmetic brand made in Switzerland sourcing its inspiration from Indigenous Plants and Cultures. As the Nez of the brand, I create inimitable fragrances of 15-150 plants sourced around the World from wild harvesters or growers in Africa, Amazonia or Australia and craftly poured in hand sculpted bottles made by Shona Stone sculptors in Zimbabwe.

My goal is to elevate perfume into the world of Art while promoting indigenous knowledge , to enable the communities to protect biodiversity while getting economic opportunities.

My journey started as a physicist and biochemist then as humanitarian and development worker supporting communities around the world for more than a decade and continuing now. Thanks to these invaluable experiences, I got introduced to indigenous plants, traditional medicine knowledge and arts from many different cultures. It became clear to me that above all factors, the preservation of our natural environment determines the quality of our lives, our connection to ourselves and others and our legacy.

Nature is the source of Emotions that are so deeply rooted in each one of us that some of us may only realize their longing after being reminded through a glimpse or, with NadiaZ, literally a breath of it...

What if a perfume could...

Convey your world, your true self, the essence of life, like painting your aura would?

Sublime your skin in a pheromonal way that brings a new dimension to your life?

What if it could evoke instantaneously your unique presence, bring back vivid memories or transport you to a place of confidence, harmony with nature and bonding with others?

What if you would join me in an exclusive, sensual, intimate and spiritual olfactive experience where Nature becomes the ultimate Refinement?

Step into NadiaZ creative olfactive atmospheres and meet your soulful self.

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