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NathanNathan 1 month ago
Dulcis in Fundo - Profumum Roma

Dulcis in Fundo Summer of 94’
Remember when you were a kid…. Playing around, carefree and running around… At some point you would get tired and the sun would make you feel warm… Eventually a family member, or the neighbor would call you over for a refreshment. A cool drink,...

NathanNathan 2 months ago
Ambre Nuit - Dior

Ambre Nuit What dreams are made of
I still remember the first time I laid my nose on this one. I had never tried anything like it, and I was sure I had to get a bottle one way or the other, despite the price tag. This fragrance reminds me of when I was younger, when random...


RazvanykeRazvanyke 13 days ago
Hello my friend, thank you for the kind feedback and the quick payment. I hope you enjoy The Moon and talk to you soon. BR, Raz
BertolucciKBertolucciK 14 days ago
Nathan is the most kind person, a very pleasant member of Parfumo. I am glad to know you and I hope you will enjoy that masterpiece. Greetings from Portugal. Patrick
TwangTwang 30 days ago
Dear, thank you very much for the nice souk, the pleasant contact and the lovely feedback. Gladly until another time. Have good times. Many greetings to Denmark :)
IonutFeidiIonutFeidi 1 month ago
Nathan is an awesome person and the guy when it comes to buying or selling fragrances to. Always on point with a high level of professionalism. I love his taste in fragrances. You can be sure he is serious so don't hesitate to interact with him! Lots of love
Denim86Denim86 1 month ago
Nathan is a great seller and even better guy.
Thank you for all the chats, and the Nice deals my guy. I appreciate you. 🙏🏼
OlfactologyOlfactology 2 months ago
Thank you for a good deal! Arrived very fast, great perfume!
CuirCuirCuirCuir 2 months ago
Thanks for the deal and many happy days with your new scent!