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NeodymiumNeodymium Enraged Bunny Musk by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Forum Exclusive, 2006 4 years ago

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NeodymiumNeodymium 2 years ago
For Her L'Eau - Narciso Rodriguez

For Her L'Eau Light, lily of the valley floral. Doesn't resemble original.
Light and and floral. I can sense the lily of the valley, but it has been added with a light hand, and is not overwhelming or cheap smelling like it can be. Apart from that, I smell musk in the background,...

NeodymiumNeodymium 4 years ago
Núvol de Llimona - Roca Perfums

Núvol de Llimona Pretty but extrodinarily fleeting.
A pleasant slightly sweet lemony smell but so, so fleeting, and it needs to be spritzed liberally to smell anything at all, even to begin with.

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Unfortunately, this scent lasts less than five minutes.


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Thanks for your note, Neodymium. :) That flacon in your photo is really something.
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