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6 years ago
Scent 7.0
J (Eau de Parfum) by Jennifer Aniston

J (Eau de Parfum)„Better Than the First”
Tested this today at Kohls. I was super excited when I saw this sitting there and I went straight for it. A few spritzes on my wrist and.... back on the shelf it went. For now. I will end up buying a bottle eventually. It's a very nice aquatic floral with a touch...

6 years ago
Scent 8.0
Bonbon (Eau de Parfum) by Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon (Eau de Parfum)„Bonbon Unwrapped”
Wearing this makes me want to grab a bag of sugar and dump it down my throat while rolling around in caramel. This is a super duper sweet concoction of a fragrance. Whoooo! On my skin I get that distinctive Viktor&Rolf base with a blast of sweet caramel and orange...


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Wake up, Mom! We want t...
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Fluffers and Riley
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Me and my daughter, Cai...
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Zombie Nikki! Halloween...


DeefitDeefit 6 years ago
Hi Nikki, thank you for your kind and warm welcome! It's nice to see other familiar and kind faces as well. :D Have a nice day and I'll see you around!
Platinum1Platinum1 6 years ago
Where's my "Miss Molly!" Good girl!
Oh Hi Nikki, haha. (we're all over the place)
CakeCuddlesCakeCuddles 6 years ago
Great to see you too! Your avatar pic of you is gorgeous btw :)
MarcoChauMarcoChau 6 years ago
Hello Nikki! Nice to see you here as well. Welcome aboard.
HayvenHayven 6 years ago
Hullo. :D Welcomeee.
DrigsbyDrigsby 6 years ago
Hello darling! Nice to see you here :)
CincyCincy 6 years ago
Waving to you NikkRouse, will look forward to reading your posts. Have fun on Parfumo.
DigindirtDigindirt 6 years ago
Hi Nikki, welcome to Parfumo.