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One of the sweetest and kindness persons with a huge passion for perfumes, every deal was beyond perfect with Maria!! ❤
Fresh21Fresh21 2 years ago
Hi there, thank you for your counter visit ;-) Have a great day and stay healthy, Nikolina (ツ)
EryinaEryina 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the wonderful transaction :)
It's been a pleasure x
Sonja010Sonja010 2 years ago
Thank you for my perfume !!!
Many thanks
Love Sonja
NotirotiritoNotirotirito 2 years ago
Thanks for a nice deal María. Your personalized items are top. BEST regards.
AnbeeAnbee 4 years ago
Dear Maria
Thank you so much for the perfume and all the lovely gifts you are very kind.. many thanks
LidahrigaLidahriga 4 years ago
Thanks for wonderfull perfume and all the goodies. You are the best.
Regards, Linda
RazamottiRazamotti 4 years ago
Dear Nikolina,
Thank you for your great kindness and patience.
I am happy that you recieved your parcel safely.
I wish you a happy 2018 and let you be the best smelling lady in town ;)
LiisaLiisa 4 years ago
I received a lovely shipment from you, it really made my day, thank you!

Everything arrived safely, beautifully wrapped and carefully chosen extras too. I really look forward to return some day :-).
TrippilippiTrippilippi 4 years ago
Dear Nikolina,
thanks for a perfect trade, I hope to deal with you again
GeorgeMarasGeorgeMaras 5 years ago
Nice to find you here my dear friend '
CincyCincy 6 years ago
Thanks Nikolina for your comment. Very kind of you.
AtqaAtqa 7 years ago
Thank you for the lovely welcome message!
PipettePipette 7 years ago
Good morning, Nikolina, thanks for posting to the "Love, the Key to Life" topic. I looked at your collection and found many of the perfumes that I personally love. So, hopefully, the blind buy of "Love, the Key to Life" may not be a mistake and I shall love it, too.
TarTar 7 years ago
I did something unforgivable when I was young, in the high school. My mother decided to not use up Poison Hipnotic, because it was too sweet for her. I carried it to the school and sprayed it to the guys in my class :D You can imagine... they ran like they life would be in danger :D
TarTar 7 years ago
Thank you for your comment on Pure Virgin. Can you imagine to spray it to a man? :-) What is the worst fragrance for a man in your opinion?
GraziaGrazia 7 years ago
Hello Nikolina,

i wish you all the best for 2015!!!
ScentedSalonScentedSalon 7 years ago
Nice to meet a fellow perfume lover. I especially like your family pictures.
Miki68Miki68 7 years ago
it is Always a pleasure to be in contact with person like you...thank you for trusting me and being a so nice person...i wish you all the best ,Miki
GothicHeartGothicHeart 8 years ago
Kala Xristougenna patriotaki!!!
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