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NoxaNoxa 4 years ago
Fusion sacrée obscur / Fusion sacrée lui - Majda Bekkali

Fusion sacrée obscur / Fusion sacrée lui There I was, looking for caramel, coffee and rum when all of a sudden...
Holy celery Batman! I've been moping around wanting to try this one forever, and tnx to my darling friend Oktopusy finally got a huge sample as a present. Can you say disappointed? Can you say toxic...

NoxaNoxa 4 years ago
LP No.9 for Ladies - Penhaligon's

LP No.9 for Ladies Not sure if my nose is broken or what
But for me it smelled strongly of kerosene with an urinal undercurrent, and then some herbs and flowers desperately trying to cover this mess up. I feel really bad for the flowers. I feel even worse for myself - blind buying...



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