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NuiWhakakoreNuiWhakakore 5 months ago
Sun Soaked - Maher Olfactive

Sun Soaked Shawn's Orange Grove
It's a sunny day. Just like any other day. Shawn knows that as he walks into his orange grove. There's no great art in predicting that in Southern California. The air is still pleasant this early in the morning. Not cool, exactly, but still...

NuiWhakakoreNuiWhakakore 6 months ago
Nekro Dellamorte - The Fragrance Engineers

Nekro Dellamorte The party is over
Flashes of light in all colors. Hot bodies close together. The air is sticky and sweet. Rotting flowers and mold in the corners. It's damp in here, the walls, the ceilings, everything. Sweat condensing. If it were always like this here, stalactites...


F$*! everyone, burn eve...
F$*! everyone, burn eve...
...weil so ein Account ...
...weil so ein Account ...
Gilt in Bayern gleich d...
Gilt in Bayern gleich d...


OvidiuHOvidiuH 7 months ago
Thank you for your kind words. The paintings are made by my wife.
OvidiuHOvidiuH 1 year ago
Thank you for your kind visit and message. The flowers from the last picture are real. :)
MariaSMariaS 1 year ago
Dear friend, thank you so much for your comments and the support on my pictures! I m glad to meet people who share my passion for fragrances and appreciate it with a nice comment! Kindness costs nothing but it means everything!
I m hanging hard time with the site because sometimes it appears in German language which I don’t understand!
About Fahrenheit I know the feeling of letting a fragrance for so long until it loses its scent. But that’s us, fragrance addicts that always find something new to be excited about and forget the old.
I wish you a nice Sunday!
Kind regards,
ControversyControversy 1 year ago
Thanks so much for every kind word, your support and taking the time to react! Merry Christmas for you and your beloved ones!
TaisTais 1 year ago
Thanks for all nice comments on my pictures. I appreciate that! :*
VanAllanVanAllan 1 year ago
Thank you again for your supporting kind words on my pictures. Have a great day!
VanAllanVanAllan 2 years ago
Many thanks for each and every inspiring comments on my photos, greatly appreciated.