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TwinflameTwinflame 12 months ago
Danke für Deine Unterstützung!
HasiHasi 1 year ago
Hi Dear, I'm not as busy on Research as I used to be some years before, but I still have fun :)
Many thanks for your friendly words!
ScentFanScentFan 1 year ago
Glad you enjoyed my Douce Amére review, especially so since you are from France. Must say I miss your country and having bread and local wines in the villages.
Whadelse89Whadelse89 1 year ago
I took these photos (quickly) in the supermarket. I also added this perfume to the Database "on the go". Thats the reason why I made some mistakes (regarding the gender classification, etc..).
Best regards
WürmchenWürmchen 1 year ago
Thanks for your help!
N1ceNoseN1ceNose 1 year ago
Deine Wahrsagerkugel hätte ich auch gerne! ;)
Danke für deine immer aktuellen Einreichungen und Hilfe!
FloydFloyd 1 year ago
Thanx for your help!
YataganYatagan 2 years ago
Oui, nous avons vraiment besoin de Daltroff. ;)
SmillamausSmillamaus 2 years ago
Merci beaucoup pour I'aide et le soutien pédagogique de ,, Quintessence,,! :)
Meilleurs voeux
FloydFloyd 2 years ago
And again: Thank you so much for your help! Just added the full pyramid according to your information! Great!
FloydFloyd 2 years ago
Thank You! Just added your information!
FloydFloyd 2 years ago
I just added the "Délire de Voyage -" to the name. Thank You!
AnessaAnessa 3 years ago
Merci bien pour la bonne nouvelle ;)
TtfortwoTtfortwo 3 years ago
Merci pour votre réponse et vos mots charmants. J'ai commandé des échantillons de ces sept parfums et je les essayerai tous. On verra si j'aime les autres...
GoldGold 3 years ago
Merci pour votre réponse... oui, c'est un vrai cadeau quand quelqu'un que l'on aime reste fidèle à son parfum, comme mon père, qui portait toujours Azzaro.
Amitiés, Jale
YataganYatagan 4 years ago
Azemour...: That's a very interesting thought. The fragrance is probably too spicy - unlike many very sweet orange fragrances.
AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
Und auch hier liebe Grüße zur 5. Jahresrunde, hoffentlich auf die weiteren.
AnessaAnessa 4 years ago
Leaving my thoughts and best wishes for you on your 5th anniversary on Parfumo :) Glad to have you here.
AnessaAnessa 5 years ago
Sometimes (or rather often), I wonder if the educational effect might be the most sensible outcome for some things ;) Thank you and wishing you Joyeux Noël :)
AnessaAnessa 5 years ago
Thank you for your beautiful haiku, I think I'll keep it as a memo in my notebook, I thought it could be understood as Parfumo being the big umbrella? :)
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