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VerbenaVerbena 2 years ago
Hier ist ja echt nicht viel los. Ich grüße mal, weil ich Dich von „drüben“ kenne. :)
OhdeberlinOhdeberlin 5 years ago
Hi there, please pm me instead of writing to my wall. Thanks. :)
ElysiumElysium 6 years ago
Hi OhDeBerlin. Thanks for commenting my picture about Police Dark. Actually, I did not detect any chocolate note at all. Police Dark is a blast of cough syrup and licorice-like accord, which I happen to adore.
I just needed something really dark for making the picture, and what's better than a 99% dark chocolate? That's it.
BTW, I am pleased to meet you.
MrFumejunkieMrFumejunkie 6 years ago
thank you, appreciate the comments.