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CuirCuirCuirCuir 2 days ago
This time I was a buyer and it was again a pleasure to deal with you, Yana. All the best to you!
CuirCuirCuirCuir 1 month ago
Thank you for another deal!
Rubencosta7Rubencosta7 1 month ago
Had a great deal with Yana, she's an excelent person, highly recommend doing deal with her, thank you very much for all the samples as well, Yana!
Best wishes! :)
JoselucpJoselucp 2 months ago
Yana is an excellent person, very friendly and attentive! The shipping has been super fast and everything perfect :D :D
Very good communication! I highly recommend!
Thank you very much also for the samples!
CuirCuirCuirCuir 3 months ago
Thank you very much for the deal, it was my pleasure!
Denim86Denim86 7 months ago
Warm welcome to parfumo. I like your reviews, you should do youtube reviews. :)
SalahharakeSalahharake 7 months ago
Welcome to the community!