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Opweh 2 years ago 2

Nike's take on AdG
From the first spray it's obvious that this is heavily mimicing Armani Acqua di Gio for men. When the burst of alcohol smell disappears, there's even some fruity nuances like watermelon and cucumber. Very nice! It also smells more spicy than Acqua di Gio.

Opening is gone in 30mins and now 150 Blue Wave smells more towards Acqua di Gio. The smell is almost entirely gone in 3 hours. However if you spray your clothes, the smell will stay longer, even 24 hours and it smells good.

Recommended for persons who don't mind poor longevity and want a nice copy of AdG for extra cheap!

Ps: maybe I'm crazy but it's like if there was even some Dior Fahrenheit in it... Very very little. What do you smell in it?

Opweh 2 years ago 2

Kiton Men for less money
Clean scent that'll last on skin very long time, +12 hours. Very versatile, non-offensive. There's also something stuffy/heavy and it steers me away from this one, maybe musk — this is just a personal preference.

This fragrance is very similar to Kiton Men. The presentation is quite nice, the bottle is embeded to a hard cardboard box. Will make a nice gift!

Edit: I gifted it to my father and oh boy... he's never been a fragrance person but every time I visit my birth home and see Étoiles Silver bottle on the shelf, the surface of the liquid keeps lowering and lowering rapidly! Good...

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Enter the forest: green, ambergris, firry...
I've never smelled Creed Green Irish Tweed but I love Armaf Tres Nuit. I wish it projected longer on my skin.

Same thing here: Rasasi Egra for men gives me a moderate projection for one hour and after that stays near my skin.

The smell is absolutely lovely. I love it. Simply put it smells like coniferous forest. I can't decide which one is better, Tres Nuit or this. Egra for men is dryer, more serious in a way, there's no lavender. I feel like I can layer some sweet fruit scents with Tres Nuit easily but with Egra for men I just don't want to even try. It's like Tres Nuit is an evening version of Egra. :D Apply Egra in the morning and over-apply Tres Nuit in the evening with for example some pear. :D

Spruce/fir is a nice touch! After an hour I stick my nose to my arm, exhale to warm up the scent on my skin and then inhale the firry goodness. Smells quite natural. If you have ever drawn a needle out of fir, chewed it and experienced that acidy taste and smell, Egra for men gives you that.

One youtube reviewer who's opinion I appreciate said this is on par with Davidoff Cool Water. I've never smelled Cool Water but if Cool Water's quality is this good I need to get myself a bottle!

For me this is at its best in late summer rainy days.

Edit: Oh btw, my friend's dog seem to go crazy happy when I'm wearing this. I won't let him lick my skin of course. I just remembered that I wore Egra for Men the first time I met that dog, when he was a puppy. Have I created a positive memory for my dear dog friend that connects him to his puppyhood?

Opweh 2 years ago 2

Excellent freshie from Zara
Citrus and ginger. Borderline-oldskooly citrus. Not dry but actually little sweet like lemonade. Unusual to Zara fragrances this has good longevity! This is equally a good... no, a great fragrance for formal wear or to gym. Ages between 15 to 95 yo. So yeah, quite versatile. For summer days!

I see this is compared to Jimmy Choo Man Ice and Dior Homme Cologne 2013. I totally get the comparison. Zara Blue Hole is not as sweet as those two. Not saying Jimmy Choo & Dior are that sweet either. Just trying to emphasize that although this is gingery lemony fragrance, it is not overly dry although it might seem that way when sprayed the first time.

My personal preference: both Jimmy Choo & Dior have a musky smell in background and that ruins it for me, personally. So... Blue Hole is a real winner indeed. (feels funny to say that name: Blue Hole :D )

This is 10/10 for what it's trying to do and concidering all the factors: smell, longevity, pricing... I didn't buy it (it doesn't suit me), but I highly recommend it! Great idea for a gift too. One of the best Zara juices... And there are many, many poor ones. It's great to find something like this in Zara!
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Opweh 2 years ago

You can be what you eat
Charred whitewood, lighter fluid, smoke, this is what I get throughout the life of N°1 Eau de Grill pour Homme on my skin. Sounds good? Unfortunately it's a limited edition and I haven't seen it since its inception. I got my bottle from a fraghead friend of mine. I have seen this go second-hand for 10€ so better grab it with you if you ever see one.

Do I actually like to wear it? I'm afraid not, because of that "charred lighter fluid" smell. I don't even know if the nose Max Perttula was trying to add it into this but surely it registers as lighter fluid to my brain. Imagine a small portable outdoor grill, open the lid, fill it with coal, squirt some lighter fluid and wait a few minutes. Now smell it. Then throw a matchstick in and light it up. Wait another few minutes and smell it. That is exactly what you'll get in this little bottle!

I guess that "lighter fluid" may be musk and in times the fragrance even smells a bit sweetish, maybe even hazelnut or coconut. Quite a ride!

To me this is a fragrance that only has some novelty value. If you are an advanced niche/indie seeker, you might be interested in this. I actually thought last Halloween that this could be something interesting to wear, for its fun factor.

It is a very well done fragrance. Smooth and there's nothing that makes you gag or anything like that. I wish it came back to Lidl stores. Please, Lidl, could you would you?

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