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Opweh 3 years ago

Few words about the opening...
This is just about the opening of C4SHMER4N, smelled from a tester strip.

The opening of Zara C4SHMER4N smells like overripe fruits that are so overripe, they are brewing into alcohol. It's like bad homemade wine smell, maybe even a bit rotten, sweet, repulsive and at the same time so, so wonderful!

Unfortunately I lost my interest after the opening was gone and I didn't want to spray it on my skin. But that opening was something I never expected. It was disgusting and wonderful.

I wish I had a big bottle of that opening smell.

Opweh 3 years ago

A very no-nonsense scent for women.
When smelling this I picture myself on a meadow field, with only a handful of flowers. Smelling single flowers here and there.

The smell is not piercing — it's nicely mild and it smells very balanced.

I like it. I'd say this fragrance goes for about any situation.

Opweh 3 years ago 1

Soft woods, soft fruits, unoffensive stuff for summer and office.
A pleasant smelling fragrance, reminding me of Zara Rich Leather (2017), Mancera Cedrat Boise and Reyane Tradition Insurrection II Pure.

While Zara Rich Leather smells like alcohol throughout its life on my skin, the Vibrant Leather Eau de Parfum is much better: no nasty alcohol smell. They both have moderate longevity and moderate sillage. Although there's "leather" in both of their names, the leather note is very mild.

Compared to I2P, Vibrant Leather EdP is woodier, while I2P retains its sweet characteristic till the end. I2P also projects more and stays longer on skin.

Compared to Cedrat Boise, well, Cedrat Boise wins in longevity: it's crazy long lasting. And the smell... I think Cedrat Boise is a bit woodier. I actually like Vibrant Leather EdP's smell more — a personal preference.

I didn't buy a bottle because — like Cedrat Boise — it's not my cup of tea. I stick to my I2P.

It's a 120ml bottle for 20€. It's somewhat safe, it is pleasant smelling, it's very soft, subtle... What can I say. It's a great release! I only wish the longevity was better. Good idea for a gift also.

EDIT: well I just bought a bottle, I guess my cup needed a refill... Also it's just too good of a deal to just pass by. Surprisingly I'm smelling more fruits now than the first time. The overall smell is as unoffensive as ever and while I don't generally recommend blind buying, this one is rather safe.

EDIT2: If you like this fragrance but want even softer characteristics, try Jimmy Choo Man Ice or Dior Homme Cologne 2013. They are not similar to Vibrant Leather EdP — this is just a recommendation if you need soft citrus without sweetness.

Opweh 3 years ago 1

Like a fresh breeze from the 1990s
This could easily be my signature scent. It's not the best fragrance I've smelled but there's something here... This is not a fragrance that makes you smell yourself nose to skin — this is more like your favourite jacket that works just like it should and fits you just perfectly.

Resemblance to Acqua di Gio is noticeable but Just Me for Men is sweeter. It also lasts longer than AdG. If you want that AdG masculinity just choose Acqua di Gio Profumo over AdG — smells even better than the original and lasts forever.

But enough of AdG. Just Me for Men is very '90s. I'm pretty sure you will have an even stronger opinion if you were born between let's say 1977 and 1987. I'm pretty sure my generation (I'm 1978) generally smells like this. At least in my country where Axe (also known as Lynx) was a big thing in the late 1990s. This takes me back to big outdoor festivals or just a Friday night out. Smell of hair gel, booze mixed with sharp smelling fruity softdrinks, cigarette butts, hair spray, smoke... It's mouth-watering, refreshing like just opened grape soda can, shamelessly synthetic, and at times the sweetnes makes my teeth hurt... in a good way. :D It's funny but somehow the smell reminds me of Wella High Hair spraying gel that I had in ~1997.

Speaking of that, I don't know what's wrong with the sprayer of my bottle. It's like it's stuck and sprays just little bursts. But it doesn't leak past the cap so maybe it's supposed to be that way?

What more can I say... Jean-Louis Grauby delivers! If you are older generation with Tabac and Old Spice with you, this might smell too "youthful" to you. If you are younger generation with 1 Million and Invictus this might smell dated to you, like something only your dad wears. :D

Hot days of summer or gym and I'll be pumping heavy on the trigger!

Edit 2018: This is my signature scent. For sure.

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