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Old but good - a classic for every day. Fresh, green and aromatic.
Superior cologne for sports activities. Citrusy fresh and not distracting at all!
Perfect all-rounder for little money. Simple but special!


SmellsFargoSmellsFargo 8 months ago
Thank you brother! If you're a disgruntled ex wells fargo customer that would be hilarious
YoelleYoelle 10 months ago
Thank you very much for the welcoming comment on my wall! :) I hope you have a nice day!
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Welcome, from Ireland!
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Greetings! Welcome to Parfumo
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Hellou there and welcome to the community!
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Thank you for your nice comment on my wall! Welcome to the Parfumo community 👌
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Thank you for your comment on my wall! Welcome! :)
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Re: Thank you Orandave! Welcome to Parfumo!
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Thank you for greeting, welcome to Parfumo and enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to Parfumo, Orandave! :)