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Osho2002Osho2002 5 months ago
Dark Lord Ex Tenebris Lux - Kilian

Dark Lord Ex Tenebris Lux Not so dark..
It's a scent for gentlemen and scoundrels alike, both bold and subtle, constructed around a rich, gorgeous extract of raw Haitian vetiver and an intriguing blend of fruit-inflected, bright Sichuan pepper and electric bourbon pepper, smoothed behind...

Osho2002Osho2002 5 months ago
Tomboy Neroli/65 - Parle Moi de Parfum

Tomboy Neroli/65 Tomboy Neroli/65
Sexy and clean. It smells like a freshly-laundered cotton t-shirt stripped off a hot, young body that has been wearing a classic eau de cologne all day. Male or female? Doesn’t matter. When it’s this good, it’s for everyone. The crisp greenness...

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Remember Me Remember Me - Jovoy - 5 months ago
If you love fragrances such as El Born by Carner Barcelona and Leder 6 by Schwarzlose, then Remember Me might be for you..
Agua Magnolia is from the Linneo collection, named in honor of Carl Linnaeus, a poet who became a naturalist.
Elegant, luxurious, and unforgettable, Cullinan Diamond is the only scent we could picture living up to its remarkable namesake.
Black Musk Black Musk - Mad et Len - 5 months ago
Deep, dark forests radiate curious warmth and rich, ambered musks entice us with ominously narcotizing pleasure.
Métallique Métallique - Tom Ford - 5 months ago
A high-shine armor of addictive aldehydes envelop its reverberating core of sensuous white flowers, like a metal Venus in fleurs.
Vulgar, shocking, rude, funny, tongue in cheek….no matter what you think of the name, there’s no denying that it’s got people talking.
Bold and rich but with a vibrant twinkle, this extravagant oriental has a surprising touch of energy.
The concept of “sacred geometry, ” the inspiration behind Oud For Greatness, is that recurring symbols and motifs- including the sacred scen
Lovers of deep, rich, juicy fruit scents, rejoice- Cruz Del Sur II is a sumptuous delight.
Patchouli Oud as the perfect choice for the gentleman daring enough to pull off an oud scent alongside a perfectly tailored three-piece suit



ParfumeourParfumeour 1 month ago
Scammer alert. He is not Hungarian.
GodspeedGodspeed 4 months ago
Already reported by multiple users. The admins don’t seem to care.
GodspeedGodspeed 4 months ago
To give him the benefit of doubt, I hope a piano fell on his head an he’s going through a long and painful recovery process with full memory loss. Thoughts and prayers.
IonutFeidiIonutFeidi 4 months ago
Disgusting person, sent him 95 euros for Zoologist Bee.
I got ghosted ever since.
Goga78Goga78 4 months ago
He also sold me the MFK Grand Soir! And Xerjoff Zefiro! Strangely enough, he was quick with pictures I asked for and the looked legit.
ArtistscentArtistscent 4 months ago
Very suspicious individual. I asked for more pictures of an MFK he was selling but he disappeared when I did, he probably never even had the perfume, all of his photos seemed to have been taken in a different place and priced suspiciously low. Who sells a sealed Grand Soir for 98 euros? I'm glad that I didn't send him money because it seems like 6 people got ripped off.
Goga78Goga78 4 months ago
Deal took place 10 days ago, last contact 6 days ago and nothing since then.
Parfumo should get active in this case. I have already filed a complaint.
GregLukasGregLukas 4 months ago
Same here, definitely fraud.
SbosySbosy 4 months ago
Me as well (105€), very sad as he seemed genuine.
GodspeedGodspeed 4 months ago
Looks like I was bamboozled as well. It's been 10 days since my purchase and still nothing.