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1709MZRHFP1709MZRHFP 1 day ago
Sehr gute und nette Souk und Tausch Partner. Alles besstens gelaufen.Ich freue mich sehr auf nächsten Deals.
Bis Bald.
PallasCCPallasCC 4 days ago
Amazingly nice person! Very friendly and fair and reliable. The package arrived in no time with extra samples. Nothing was damaged. It's really a pleasure to deal with you! Hope we keep in touch!
AbbathdoomAbbathdoom 3 months ago
The package arrived safely. Thank you for the friendly contact, good price and perfect communication! 😊🙏🏻
See you next time!👋🏻
Kind regards,
AndryAndry 4 months ago
Everything went great, thank you very much for a smooth transaction.
MiklemueMiklemue 4 months ago
Great souk Partner and a very nice Person.
I m looking forward, for a next deal.
SakanaSakana 5 months ago
Very nice and reliable Buyer and Souk-Partner, was a pleasure to Deal with - thank you so much .... Perfect :)
CharlAmbreCharlAmbre 5 months ago
Thanks for your Photo visit :-)
PigfarmerPigfarmer 7 months ago
great swap, nice guy. what more do you need? highly recommended 👍
HappyChypreHappyChypre 7 months ago
Thank you for the exclusive fragrance and friendly contact ! I am looking forward for the next deal !
RobinnRobinn 8 months ago
Thank you for the great swap, the lovely samples and the nice contact! I hope you enjoy your Attar as much as I do! :)
FabistinktFabistinkt 8 months ago
Thank you for the great souk deal and our nice contact! Enjoy your new fragrance.
FabistinktFabistinkt 8 months ago
Thank you for our nice interaction and your purchase. Enjoy your fragrance!
HappyChypreHappyChypre 8 months ago
Many thanks for the super deal and for the extra large quantity of samples, it was very generous of you ! As always, a pleasure ! Hope to deal with you again !
UrbanLegendsUrbanLegends 9 months ago
Wonderful deal and great communication – looking forward to the next super-hard-to-find fragrance in your souk!!
Cheers from Vienna!
DonblechDonblech 10 months ago
Yes baby, big hugs to Romania, perfect souk, all the best, see you next time!
Best regards, Don
HappyChypreHappyChypre 10 months ago
A very big Thank You for the exclusive Attar and the extra Sample ! Was a pleasure ´souking´ with you ! Till next time !
Shenkin57Shenkin57 12 months ago
Thank you very much for the nice and smooth transaction! And of course for the fragrance plus gifts :)
See you next time and all the best,